I would ban it in this country: Peta Credlin on burqa debate

Peta Credlin.
Peta Credlin talking while on on the panel for Women of the Future awards in 2015. Source: YouTube / Qldaah

Australian political adviser Peta Credlin has weighed in on the topic of banning the burqa following Pauline Hanson’s appearance in Question Time in the Senate wearing one.

In a piece published in The Daily Telegraph Credlin said she was back from a short break in Europe and had caught up on Hanson’s senate wearing appearance, followed by her suggestion that the item be banned.

While many did not support Hanson for her actions, Credlin has.

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“As with many other issues of public debate in this country at the moment, it is hard to have a sensible conversation about the veiling of women in Australia without being accused of cultural insensitivity, Islamophobia or worse, racism,” she wrote.

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“Despite arguing that gender-stereotypical toys (trucks and Barbie dolls let’s say) should be removed from childcare centres lest boys grow into men that disrespect women, they’re silent on a garb that confines women to a subhuman existence when outside the home.”

The former chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Credin says if you are a feminist you stand against the burqa for all women. 

Speaking on Sky News she said she would ban it in this country and not have any Australian wear it anywhere in public., and it was oppressive.

However, Credlin said it was more of an issue about Islam, the burqa and women rather than a security issue, such as the point Hanson was making.

Do you think this time more people should listen, now that Credlin has raised the issue too?