Bill Shorten suggests change to historical monuments

Bill Shorten.
Bill Shorten has put forward his thoughts on the statue debate.

Bill Shorten agrees the Captain Cook statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park should be altered, but hasn’t agreed to it being removed.

After controversial statues in the United States had been pulled down there had been calls for the same actions in Australia.

Shorten feels the addition of a plaque of the Cook statue, which currently states the explorer discovered this territory in 1770, will work better.

“This country works best when we work together so an additional plaque on Captain Cook’s statue is fine by me,” Mr Shorten said, reports The Daily Telegraph. “Our history didn’t start when Captain Cook sailed into sight of Australia in 1770.”

Speaking on Sky News Shorten also said he was happy to have a statue on Captain Cook, and we needed to be honest about our history. ‘I’m more than up for an honest discussion of our history.”

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Some have already shown their thoughts on the Cook statue, with it being defaced over the weekend, with the words Change the Date and No Pride in Genocide written on it. There has already been lots of debate over that incident, with some calling the vandals heroes, others saying they have disgraced our country.

What do you think? Should we remove them, change them or leave them as they are?