Kirstie Alley sparks outrage with Hollywood harassment comments

Kirstie Alley divides the internet with her comments. Source: Getty

She’s no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood but actress Kirstie Alley thinks things are getting out of hand when it comes to the number of sexual harassment claims people have been making.

The 66-year-old recently took to Twitter to slam the public and how they’ve responded to the rising number of allegations that have been made in recent times.

You’ll recall that women and men all around the globe have come forward to share their own experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

There’s also been a number of film and TV stars who have gone to social media to detail their horror stories. Many have pointed fingers at the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey.

The Look Who’s Talking star has seemingly had enough and believes that the general public response is partly to blame.

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She’s pretty angry that her Hollywood colleagues are jumping on the bandwagon and victimising the alleged predators without knowing the facts.

She took to Twitter with a series of tweets to explain her stance.

The actress explained: “I’m an advocate of courts of law 4 criminal matters. Also innocent until proven guilty is a fairly sane concept that I’m pretty sure each of us would like to be afforded. Rumors cause witchhunts. Seems ok to be part of the mob until U become the next witch. [sic]”

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She also suggested that many people were having their say on a matter they didn’t have much knowledge about: “We all believe things we know NOTHING about at times & would be quick to pull the trigger out of disgust & anger. This is why we have judges & juries instead of stonings & stake burnings.. guess we are attempting justice.”

Her comments divided the internet, with many not sure why such a popular actress was taking such a stance.

One person said: “Seems like someone is okay with victims being silenced.”

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Another message read: “And you honestly think all the women and men coming forward are lying? They gain nothing, nobody ever gained actual fame or improved their career by making those kind of allegations. All they gain is being called liars and people worrying more about the abusers.”

A third added: “So, Weinstein and Spacey should get their jobs back?”

Others agreed with Alley’s comments, with one fan saying: “The Constitution of the United States says that you have a right to a fair trial. This is not Cuba or Russia! Your opinion is just that! Facts are what we want.”

Another said: “Yes completely agree with you … witch hunts are horrid … innocent till proven guilty.”

Alley went on to explain that she has experienced nothing but professionalism during her time in Hollywood.

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She told her 1.29 million followers: “I’m so lucky. All actors, directors, producers, & writers I’ve worked with over the last 35 years HAVE BEEN GENTLEMEN ..THANK U for respecting me & being stellar examples of MEN. To the rest…Your reign of terror is over. [sic]

“I’m sad and shocked to hear about all of them.. I seriously had no idea this was happening.. not one woman I know in movie/TV industry has ever said anything to me. They clearly were terrified to speak up.”

What do you think of her comments? Should it be innocent until proven guilty or is the media’s response to the claims justified?