80 years of Aussie summers and Streets!

This summer is special, Streets are celebrating 80 years of Australian summers and to celebrate their longevity in helping Aussies deal with the heats, they are releasing two limited edition Australian ice creams.

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The Golden Gaytime and the Paddle Pop are getting an “Aussification” and we think it is a great way to celebrate.

When we celebrated family holidays at the Gold Coast, after a morning at the beach we’d walk to the local corner store and grab a paddle pop or an “ice block” as we and the kids called them.

Paddle Pop is one of the most iconic Aussie brands – it is sold in over 20 countries and is something that everyone can connect to their childhood.

So tonight, let’s reminisce. What are your favourite Aussie summer memories? Did you enjoy munching on theses iconic Aussie treats in the hot weather? 


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