Sharks, shrines and storms! Over-60s share their favourite travel memories

Dec 28, 2019
Capturing the moment with a photo, what's your favourite holiday moments? Source: Getty.

Here are some more of our favourite stories from members of the Travel at 60 Travel Lovers group, who were asked the simple question: “What’s your favourite travel memory?”

“Visiting Venice. It was all that it’s made out to be – the romance of walking over the Bridge of Sighs; San Marco Square in the swirling mist while an orchestra played; criss-crossing the lagoons in a vaporetto; a romantic gondola ride through the narrow alleyways; and, of course, the mouthwatering culinary delights. It is said, ‘See Venice and die’ – but I’d love to visit again!” – Virginia Harris Davids

“Kissing a giraffe while on a safari in Kenya.” – Jannelle Tight

“My ‘aha’ moment was seeing Nelson’s Column in London on my first and only visit, three years ago.” – Pamela Cole 

“Cage diving to see great white sharks near Cape Town.” – Jenny Alcorn 

“Arriving at the InterContinental Montreal after a marathon journey from Australia – the saga included missed flights and lost luggage at 1 o’clock in the morning. After some discussion between the staff, in French, we were given a key and room number, and headed to the lift and up to our room. We got out of the lift, to be met by a set of very large double doors. We checked the room number: it was correct. We entered to find that we had been given the iconic Tourelle Suite. It took our breath away. There was a spa, a beautiful sitting room in a turret, a dining room, butler’s pantry and a view of the harbour – a couple of sightseeing days later we were delighted to see the cruise ship we were to board that very morning (the Silver Whisper) arrive at her berth just after 6am. It was the most amazing few days in Montreal, spent in absolute luxury – an experience we will never forget!” – Christine Darvell

“Loved our Baltic cruise. Tallinn is beautiful.” – Kathy Jackson 

“There are too many to choose from! My son’s wedding in a Shinto shrine in Japan, wearing kimonos; seeing Holland and meeting family members for the first time; a cruise down the Rhine and Danube Rivers; Istanbul and seeing the Blue mosque and the Grand Bazaar; Italy – oh yes, Italy… the Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi and the leaning Tower of Pisa. And anywhere I go in Australia – I do love my own country.” – Dorothy Stumer

“Feeding wild hyenas with meat on a stick, in Ethiopia.” – Jan Abernethy

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“Backpacking with my daughter a few years ago in beautiful Yunnan, in China. The Stone Forest was amazing. We took a bus to Lijiang where we stayed in Mumma Naxi’s Guesthouse in the middle of the old town. My daughter did a three-day trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge while I explored the old town and the life of the Naxi people, where women rule. The overnight bus trip from Lijiang to Chengdu is another story. The bus had a loo with a door that flew open every time we went over a bump. It was a squat over a hole in the floor – you could watch the road passing underneath. Hence, I never went! I lasted 15 hours without going. Amazing how the body adjusts to such situations LOL. Besides all that it was an amazing time. Another standout experience in China was the day we visited the Great Wall. We travelled to Mutianyu and took the cable car up the mountain to the base of the wall. A huge electrical storm hit and we hung and swung in midair while lighting flashed and thunder rolled all around. We had an ‘Oh s***’ moment or two! But there was no panic and eventually we chugged our way to the top with no mishap. We stopped a short while later so we could take in a walk and the spectacular view from this part of the Wall. Luckily it was a smooth ride back down.” – Narelle Hulme

“Going around Australia and seeing wonderful places and meeting so many nice and friendly people.” – Jan Riethmuller

“One of my most unusual experiences was travelling up the Mahakam River in Borneo with a bunch of women. We were basically on a barge, sleeping on mats rolled out on the deck at night.” – Deidre Fenwick

“We stayed at Mousehole in Cornwall: my mother, in her 70s, my husband and me in our 40s, and our baby daughter (aged three). We found the place absolutely delightful – the food and the people, too. We loved learning all about a book called The Mousehole Cat while we were there – even though we are no cat-adorers.” – Susanne Harford

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