Quick and easy tricks for cleaning your skirting boards

Jul 30, 2022
Cleaning the skirting boards. Source: getty

There are a few jobs around the house that most of us just put off for as long as possible, at least until it gets to the point where we just can’t stand it anymore and we’re forced to buckle down and do it, at least for our own sanity and cleaning the skirting boards is certainly one of those.  Yep, those boards that line the space between the floor and the walls get amazingly dirty, especially for something that really never gets touched.

All sorts of grime, splashes, and dust end up on these, and if you’ve got a bit of damp, they get even filthier.

Rather than having to really throw your back into this job once a year or so, we have three sensible ways today to clean your skirting boards and one very clever trick everyone should try to keep them free from build up in the future.

Dry dust regularly to stop dust settling – use a paintbrush

If your boards aren’t too grimy, you can do a dry dust. Cleaning gurus say to use a paintbrush for this – that it gets great results.

Clean dirty skirting board with cleaning wipes

If you are looking to get the boards clean quickly of marks, dried liquid and stains, you can use cleaning wipes to dissolve the grime.  It’s not really very good for the environment, but it is a very easy and convenient cleaning method.  Sugar Soap wipes are a superb tool as they come with one-side rough and one absorbent.

Wet and dry mop your skirting boards

By far the most effective method for cleaning your skirting boards is with a dry dust and then wiping them with a solution of white vinegar and hot water.  Let them air dry afterwards.
And finally, there is one really amazing way to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on skirting boards that you might never have considered.

The big tip for prevention: Wipe with a dryer or fabric softener sheet

Fabric softener or dryer sheets have a filament that repels dust, so if you wipe your skirting boards with them every couple of months you’ll find that you will stop the build up of dust and it won’t be as much work to stay on top of them.

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