April Horoscope: Turmoil may be brewing be in your romantic and family life

Apr 06, 2023

A full moon in Libra should bring peace and balance to many people however, some could experience intense arguments in their love life or with family members, and some relationships could end and then start again. 

This Libra full moon will oppose an Aries Sun, which is focused on self, and other planets making hard aspects to Pluto. These aspects may add to already heightened emotions, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. The Libra full moon is inviting us to explore the dynamics between “them versus us”, so it could be a difficult time.

For most of us, the full pink moon will also likely add to the deeply transformative changes, so this month could be a bit more topsy-turvy than usual, even with Libra encouraging us to be calm and peaceful.

I suggest you be prepared for anything during our East holiday. Watch for family arguments for three days from the full moon on April 6 to 9. 

The moon is going to bring up indecision because Libra is known not to make decisions easily. Often Libra gathers a lot of information before slowly making a decision, but it can be painful for them.

You may need to be a homebody over Easter to have more privacy and to seek protection and nurturance.

However, home may not always be the best place over the holiday period if relatives are visiting – with those family arguments expected!

Generally speaking, Libra also doesn’t like to be uncomfortable, do hard physical work, or sweat. Libra likes to be beautiful! Sometimes, visiting relatives can present problems for Libra’s beautiful home or beauty routine. Focus on art, beauty and peace, and be careful even if you feel frustrated, really focus on the Libran art of negotiation

April 2023 full moon horoscopes


Committed relationships are your focus now. There are some hard aspects to consider involving possible family disagreements and your wishes about how you approach the world. It’s a balancing act between your personal desires, those of your partner (either business or personal) and family or home life. Relationships with women could be quite turbulent, so be cautious about your words. Words spoken in haste can start verbal bushfires that you may regret at a later date. Find the middle ground and look for a compromise solution. It’s time for patience and to think before acting. Jupiter is on your side, so you can probably manage this with some good luck coming to boot!


Looking for some peace and harmony in your everyday life? Perhaps your work has been a bit tumultuous lately? It’s possible your strong desires for harmony can play out. However, this will depend on your responses to various situations that are not necessarily going down your preferred path. Normally, you’re thoughtful and considered before going out on a limb, so continue this line of reasoning and you’ll miss the bulk of the potential issues. Venus is your ruler and with a Libran full moon, you could be smiled upon this month. Look for bonuses in peace, harmony and love. Life could in fact proceed more smoothly for you than most other signs. A woman could help or hinder you.


You could be socially very active, enjoying yourself by going out to all manner of places with all manner of people. Your creativity could also be on fire with lots of brilliant ideas about new things you can give birth to. You’re likely to be living closer to the world of the child, either through your creations, having fun or having more to do with children. You may remember things from your own childhood or your inner child is especially active in your life now. Romance could be on the agenda as well!  Mars isn’t very cooperative so do watch for disagreements. On the other hand, Jupiter can bring some good luck, just watch for overconfidence or being too helpful.


Your home and family are more important to you now. You probably just desire peace and harmony although grey clouds around you may give you some hesitancy about whether you can lead a calm and contented life. You are ruled by the moon and so the desire for peace is probably stronger than any tumult in the background. Focus on achieving your goals, especially those where women are involved. Be with your family, try organising a family get-together and invite some friends into the mix. This is a time when it is possible to be happy and content with what you already have regardless of other circumstances. 


A busy active month is likely with lots of communications and fresh new ideas. Do be aware however that when Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, these flashes of brilliance could dry up. Or perhaps they could be misinterpreted. So, make hay while the sun (your ruler) shines! You can pick up the energies around other people with some accuracy so listen to your intuition. Studying, investigation, planning and marketing could also be on your mind. You can achieve a lot if you think logically, although there is a risk of being overwhelmed by your feelings and intuitions. For money or legal matters consult a professional.


Keep your eye on the money honey! This month you have an opportunity to get your finances in order or perhaps even save some money for a rainy day! There could be some financial changes, but silver linings can abound as you find better ways to accomplish your financial goals. Best watch your cash carefully as you may find yourself making decisions around jobs and careers. You could also change your mind about what you value in life. The things you thought were valuable previously, may no longer hold the same attraction anymore. Women could be involved in your decisions about your core beliefs. It’s not the best time to take financial risks so if you are investing any money, be extra vigilant. Overspending is a no, no!


The moon in your sign is smiling at you! Your heart’s desires for peace and tranquillity can be finally fulfilled after the last few months of tumult. Your identity and appearance may be on your mind as you think about new ways that you can approach the world in a new light. Being ruled by Venus probably inclines you towards affection, love and beauty so you want to radiate these out into a world that seems sorely bereft of these qualities now. You could change your appearance – buy new clothes, and makeup or get a new hairstyle to better reflect who you really are. You could also drop some roles that no longer suit you as you align yourself more closely to the true authentic you!


As a highly intense star sign, you have special access to all that is unseen and hidden away from view. It’s a great time this month, to take a break from the outside world and focus on your inner life. Take some time for self-reflection and heed your own counsel. Look at your feelings, your dreams and those little flashes that dart across your mind with great alacrity. You may find some important messages from your own subconscious gently nudging you in a slightly different direction. Your intuition is likely to be ‘on fire’ so pay special attention to this and write your brilliant flashes down. If there’s any turbulence in the background, move away so that your inner peace is not unduly disturbed. 


It’s a fabulous time for socialising and getting out and about! You could meet some new friends, or perhaps join a club or group. Some of your friends may even seem closer to you than your own family. If you do have some issues with “friends” you may decide to spend less time with them and this would be the appropriate response. You have so many opportunities for positive change around the people you associate with. It’s also a great time to move forward on your hopes and dreams now, so don’t hold back even if you feel somewhat uncertain. If you’re looking for love, you may meet someone through a friend or through your socialising escapades.


Your career features strongly this month. If you’re not into career matters, then it’s probably more to do with your public life and your status in the world. Regardless… you’re probably a hit! Others are looking to you and respond favourably. You may find that anything connected to the ‘public’ is going smoothly so you can move ahead in leaps and bounds. The only possible drawback is being too easily influenced to overshare your personal life. So do watch for this when using social media. Authority figures could be helpful to you, particularly those who seem parental in some way. Your reputation is likely to improve this month and you become more well-known in a positive way.


Feeling like a break? It’s a great time to get away from your normal life and experience the variety and excitement of travel. Go on, be a bit adventurous and get out into the world. If you can’t get away, then introduce excitement into your life by mixing with different people and going to different places. You will probably have the desire to broaden your mind in some way. Do it before Mercury retrogrades on the 21st, lest there be delays and glitches in travel schedules. Mixing with those from others cultures can help here or perhaps do some study. You may have been pondering spirituality or philosophy as well. Why not look into these areas further? You may find it fascinating and this could change your life!


You may be feeling a little agitated or temperamental, just be cautious to put your brain in gear before attempting to move forward using your mouth! Matters of intimacy and shared resources could come up and they both have a similar origin – they’re about sharing your energy with one another. If you wish to open up to someone special, then you need to open your heart. This is sometimes hard to do because we all have a history where we’ve been hurt. It can be scary to be vulnerable, but if you pick the right person, you’ll make progress. Past history does not necessarily repeat if you review your own energetic patterns and change them! Joint investments, loans, wills or superannuation could also feature this month.

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