Plane passenger captures ‘breathtaking yet frightening’ photo of NSW bushfires

Zach Firth was on a plane flying from the Gold Coast to Melbourne on Friday night when he snapped the photo. Source: 7News/Zach Firth

As widespread bushfires continue to ravage parts of New South Wales and Queensland, a photo capturing the moment a plane flew over the devastating bushfires has left the world in shock.

According to a report, Zach Firth was on a plane flying from the Gold Coast to Melbourne on Friday night when he snapped the photo of the bushfires just north of Coffs Harbour.

“I’ve been getting messages flat out for it from here all the way to Mexico,” Firth told the publication.

“I’m not sure many people saw it, but my sister and I were shocked at how bad but incredible it looked from above.”

Many people on social media have since commented, with one writing: “Class photo. Almost didn’t believe it when I saw it.”

Another added: “Incredible photo…so scary and heartbreaking.” While a third wrote: “Wow!!!…breathtaking yet frightening view. A huge thank you and appreciation to our frontline firefighters, volunteers, police and emergency personnel who are down there amongst it.”

A bushfire warning remains in place for parts of the country as dedicated emergency service workers continue to battle against blazes burning across Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

A third person is confirmed to have died in the devastating bushfires, with five others still missing. More than 40 people have been injured and at least 150 homes have also been destroyed in the blazes.

NSW RFS took to social media this morning with an update: “At 10:30am there are more than 70 fires, with half yet to be contained. While conditions have eased today, extensive fire activity will continue to challenge firefighters, ahead of worsening conditions on Tues. Monitor conditions & use the time now to get ready.”

Many NSW residents have since taken to social media to share updates, with one writing: “Current situation tonight before we fled to the local Club to seek safety in Old Bar. Currently waiting for the fire to hit us.”

Meanwhile, Starts at 60 reader Margaret Whitley spoke of her experience, writing: “I will never forget the sound of that fire; the loud roar as it “devoured” all the trees. So very close to our village and last evening was very stressful with flames so high and only a couple of kms away that it was frightening to see!! The Seashells resort to the north of here. had a very close shave apparently! Thank goodness for that wind change. One home in Rainbow Flat destroyed so I hope no more! A couple of days I will NEVER forget.”

It has only been a few months since fire ravaged the country so viciously with the last terrible bushfire occurring back in September throughout Queensland. At the time firefighters were focusing on bushfires burning around the towns of Applethorpe and Stanthorpe in Queensland, as well as the Binna Burra region on the Gold Coast Hinterland.

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Have you been following this story? Have you or any of your loved ones been affected by the bushfires?

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