‘The wound can never heal’: Kathleen Folbigg’s ex-husband breaks his silence

Jun 08, 2023
Craig Folbigg is reportedly feeling "frustrated and disappointed" following his ex-wife's release. Source: Facebook_@JusticeForKathleenFolbigg

Kathleen Folbigg’s ex-husband has reportedly been left “frustrated and disappointed” after his ex-wife was pardoned for the murder of their four children.

Folbigg was jailed in 2003 over the deaths of her children Sarah, Caleb, Laura and Patrick between 1989 and 1999.

However, a recent inquiry into her murder and manslaughter convictions heard new scientific evidence and found there was “reasonable doubt” regarding Folbigg’s guilty verdict.

Folbigg, who has always maintained her innocence, was released on Monday, June 5 after having completed 20 years of her 25-year sentence. 

Craig Folbigg has long held on to the belief that his ex-wife was responsible for the deaths of his children, with the recent inquiry and pardon doing little to change his stance.

Craig’s lawyer Danny Eid told The Daily Telegraph that his client “is frustrated and disappointed he has to endure yet another chapter”.

“He is the victim of this case,” Eid told the publication.

“This is a man people say will heal over time. But with all this time the wounds continue to bleed for him.”

Eid also revealed that over two decades of inquiries and attempts to overturn the 2003 conviction had taken their toll on his client and that “the wound can never heal”.

Folbigg’s release dominated headlines after NSW Attorney-General Michael Daley announced the decision to grant her release, wishing her “well for the rest of her life”.

“This morning I met with the governor. I recommended that the governor should exercise the royal prerogative of mercy and grant Ms Folbigg an unconditional pardon,” he told reporters.

“The governor agreed. Ms Folbigg has now been pardoned.”

Daley implored the media and the public to give Folbigg her space following her “20-year ordeal”.

“I think we all have to put ourselves in her shoes and let her now have the space that she needs to get on with her life,” he said.

“It has been a 20-year ordeal for her.

“We wish her well for the rest of her life.”

As Folbigg settled into her first night of freedom, she released a video alongside her friend and supporter Tracey Chapman, thanking supporters and expressing her elation at being released.

“I can’t thank everybody enough for all of the support, and all the hard work that has gone into reaching this moment,” Folbigg said, as reported by 7 News.

“I’m beyond happy, it’s ridiculous. I’m in shock, so thank you.”

In the coming weeks, inquiry chair Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is expected to deliver his final report on the inquiry.

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