‘The best Origin I’ve ever witnessed’: A clash of fists and nail-biting plays reminiscent of the 80s

Jul 14, 2022
QLD wins State of Origin 2022. Source: Getty

The State of Origin 2022 finale game has cemented its place in history, in an edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting game, leaving Queenslanders in a frenzy as Ben Hunt scored the winning try that saw the shield head north of the border once again.

The heated battle between the states left injured players in its wake, with brutal tackles leaving players from both sides concussed all in the first 5 minutes of the game and a clash of fists ending with a player from each side in the sin bin.

Rugby league great, Andrew Johns, said he hadn’t seen a game like it since the 80s.

“Not for a long time, not like this,” Johns said.

“With tackling techniques that have changed over the years, they don’t like to drive in so much with their shoulders, it is all about control.

“This is…this is a throwback to the ‘80s. That’s three off.”

Despite a gallant fight from the Blues, Hunt secured the game for the Maroons in the final minute after intercepting a kick from Blue’s player Nathan Cleary, taking off from behind his 30-metre mark and making the long-range run to dive over the try line, settling the score at 22-12.

“What a moment in Origin history!” Cameron Smith commented.

“Ben Hunt has raced away! And he might have raced away with the shield as well. What a player.”

As QLD celebrated the win, Johns wrapped up with: “Now we have to listen to all the bullshit youse go on with for the next 12 months. Drives you mad.”

Here’s some of the “bullshit” to which Johns refers, as QLD supporters share their excitement on social media.

Even Blues supporters had to admit it was “the best Origin” they’ve seen.

You can watch all the highlights from the State of Origin 2022 finale below.

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