Sarah Ferguson labeled ‘a massive disappointment’ after first week hosting ‘7.30’

Jul 18, 2022
Sarah Ferguson has copped criticism over her first week hosting 'ABC's 7.30'. Source: @abc730/Twitter

Leigh Sales’ replacement, Sarah Ferguson, has faced intense backlash on social media after her first week hosting ABC’s 7.30.

Interviewing Defence Minister and Acting Prime Minister Richard Marles on Australian relationships with China, the television journalist was labelled ‘a massive disappointment’ for roleplaying as Sales.

Viewers were quick to call Ferguson “an attack dog”, labelling her “aggressive” and “rude” in her interview style.

Others jumped to Ferguson’s defence, saying she needed to “find her feet” and doesn’t deserve the “Leigh Sales treatment” from disgruntled viewers.

Ferguson’s predecessor, Sales, has been open with her struggles with online trolls, attributing the virtual abuse to her stepping out of the limelight and leaving Twitter.

Speaking with Peter FitzSimons at The AgeFerguson said she had no interest in the online criticism of her performance.

“Let me phrase this correctly because I don’t want to sound arrogant. I have many things to learn, so I’m interested in criticism. But I have to find the right level of combat myself. And so if people are nasty, my answer is: I don’t care. But I do care about doing it well, and better,” she said.

“Social media has some uses. But I do not look to social media to tell me what to think about myself, right? There’s nothing for me there. And it’s just a few people. So I am not really interested in it as a means of reflecting on who I am.

“It’s not worth going through the drunks at the back of the room in order to get to the smart person at the front. I’m very happy to find that critique elsewhere.”



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