Just in time for isolation! These are the best tinned soups to stock up on

Mar 24, 2020
Find out which canned soups at the store are actually worth buying. Source: Getty.

Visit any supermarket around the country and it’s evident that people are stocking up on the basics as we move to a period of isolation. Toilet paper, pasta, rice and canned goods such as soup are all the first to be snapped up by shoppers.

Now, self-proclaimed list king, Bruno Bouchet has set out to make your supermarket shop that little bit easier, with his latest list ranking canned soup varieties from best to worst.

“The 100 per cent accurate CANNED SOUP power rankings,” he joked on social media. “Don’t bother commenting, this isn’t up for discussion.”

The list ranks a variety of store-bought soups in several categories, from ‘God Tier’ right through to ‘Cat Vomit Tier’.

Earning God-like status in the top tier was Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup, and Heinz classic potato and leek soup. The second tier down, named ‘Royalty’, featured Heinz Big’ N Chunky beef and veggies and Heinz classic creaming pumpkin.

While they certainly didn’t fall into the bottom dumping ground, the middle tier, named the ‘Adam Sandler Tier’ included Heinz classic pea and ham soup, Heinz classic chicken and sweetcorn, and Campbell’s country ladle garden vegetable.

Heinz Big ‘N Chunky ravioli with beef and tomato and Campbell’s condensed cream of celery sat at the bottom of the ladder in the ‘Cat Vomit Tier’.

Many people were quick to comment on his post, throwing their support behind his choices. “I agree with this list the most out of any list you’ve ever listed,” one commentator wrote.

Another added: “Yep, potato and leek, chicken noodle and pumpkin are the best! Great list!”

While a third wrote: “This is so helpful @brunobbouchet — I’ve been looking at the canned soup in the supermarkets, now I have more of an idea what to try! Thanks.”

“Good to see chicken noodle on top, not sure about the potato and leek,” another added.

However, some questioned where a particularly popular soup was, which seemed to be missing from the list. One user commented: “Where is the Heinz tomato soup that every Aussie kid had with bread and butter on a winter’s night?” Another added: ” Tomato soup is life.”

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Do you agree with this list? What's your favourite canned soup?

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