‘It’s war!’: Larry Emdur’s comical challenge to game show rival Eddie McGuire

Aug 16, 2023
Fans flocked to Emdur's post, praising The Morning Show co-host for finding the humour in the situation. Source: Getty Images.

The Chase’s Larry Emdur has jokingly issued a challenge to fellow game show heavyweight Eddie McGuire in an effort to settle their supposed long-running game show feud.

Emdur threw down the gauntlet after spotting a New Idea cover that featured the headline “Larry versus Eddie. Game Show Wars explode!”, suggesting an ongoing rivalry between the pair following the cancellation of McGuire’s Millionaire Hot Seat.

Addressing the apparent conflict between the pair, Emdur took to Instagram to take the issue head-on.

“Look!! Four princesses on the cover of New Idea,” Emdur wrote alongside a photo of the magazine cover.

“This “WAR” shit has been brewing for a long long time, it started 30 years ago when Eddie and I were drinking heavily at The Saloon bar in Melbourne, it was my shout and I did a runner so this was always going to “explode” one day.

“There’s only one way to end this, I challenge Eddie to a cage fight but more importantly huge congrats to Princess Anne on your first holiday in 17 years.”


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A post shared by @larryemdur

Fans flocked to Emdur’s post, praising The Morning Show co-host for finding the humour in the situation.

“He’s got you on size, but you fight grubby. My money is on you laz,” one person wrote.

“This is my favourite post of yours ever ……… and that’s saying a LOT. I laughed too much when I read your comment….way too much for a grown up.”

“Oh Larry! You are just so awesome! Thanks for being such a good, humble bloke!” commented another.

“That’s what I would call good entertainment! I wonder what odds you would get, so I can start saving now.”

“I will back you Larry.”

While who will take the prize in a “cage match” between Emdur and McGuire is yet to be seen, it’s clear who is emerging triumphant in the ratings with Emdur’s hosting duties on The Chase bringing in massive viewer numbers consistently.

In celebration of such a stellar result, Emdur recently took to social media to thank his loyal fans for contributing to the ratings success of the popular game show, joking that he is “a very proud old game show host bimbo”.

“Thanks Courtney for sending me this great pic of Piper and thank you everyone else for making The Chase the number 1 Entertainment show in Australia last night, we had a bigger audience between 5-6pm than the big dogs in prime time that makes me a very proud old game show host bimbo,” he wrote.

“Turns out The Governess is a wonderful babysitter. There are a few words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence.”

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A post shared by @larryemdur

The highly acclaimed game show has experienced remarkable success lately, coming in at the top in 2022 ratings after winning 40 weeks with a total audience of 829,000.

Most recently the show screened to an incredible 567,000 viewers across the five-city metro rankings.

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