Investigation makes startling claims against Hillary Clinton

The US presidential campaign is no stranger to controversies.

From Donald Trump’s comments about women and subsequent claims of sexual assault, to Hillary Clinton’s email saga.

But now a new controversy has reared its head and this time the spotlight is on Hillary Clinton.

You might be wondering what she has done?

Well, an investigation by a conservative group has reportedly found agents working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid people to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies.

NewsCorp is reporting that the hidden-camera investigation by Project Veritas used undercover journalists to infiltrate political consulting companies with ties to Hillary Clinton.

In the 16-minute video, operatives that allegedly have ties to the Democrats are heard describing how they paid agents to stage fake protests against Trump at his rallies.

They apparently aimed to create “anarchy”.

Remember the violent protests in Chicago in March which forced Trump to cancel a rally?

Well, it turns out the Democrats-associated agents laid claim to that – according to the investigation.


What else did the video reveal?

Well, in the video the founder of consulting firm Foval Group Scott Foval told the undercover journalist he is “contracted to” the founder of Democratic consulting firm Democracy Partners Bob Creamer.

“The [Clinton] campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group goes and executes the s***,” he said.

He also claims that Shirley Teeter – the 69-year-old woman with an oxygen tank who said she was punched in the face at a Trump rally in North Carolina last month – was one of his activists.

Foval said she was trained to “bird dog”.

“So the term bird dogging: You put people in the line, at the front which means that they have to get there at six in the morning because they have to get in front at the rally, so that when Trump comes down the rope line, they’re the ones asking him the question in front of the reporter, because they’re pre-placed there,” he said.

“To funnel that kind of operation, you have to start back with people two weeks ahead of time and train them how to ask questions. You have to train them to bird dog.”

Another operative Aaron Black reportedly told the video nobody was “really supposed to know” about him.

“So the Chicago protest when they shut all that, that was us,” he said.

“It was more him [Bob Creamer] than me, but none of this is supposed to come back to us, because we want it coming from people, we don’t want it to come from the party.”

What’s even more ironic about the investigation’s claims is that if they’re true, they back claims made by Trump after the Chicago rally in March.

“It is Clinton and Sanders people who disrupted my rally in Chicago – and then they say I must talk to my people. Phony politicians!” he tweeted.

He also post a link to the video on Facebook in recent days with the caption “Exclusive: “O’Keefe Video Sting Exposes ‘Bird-Dogging’ — Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies””.

In March, Clinton tweeted that “the divisive rhetoric and encouragement of violence we’re hearing from Donald Trump isn’t just wrong—it’s dangerous.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 5.20.39 PM

What do you think? Do you believe the claims made by the video investigation?

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