Gross or yummy? Optical illusion has viewers salivating or sick

These ones are definitely donuts.

A Twitter user has confused the rest of social media after posting a photo of snakes which some believe look like glazed donuts. 

While some saw snakes and some saw sugary treats, there was a lot of discussion about what type of snakes they are. 

One Twitter user said that they are Burmese pythons, which are specially bred so their skins can be used in fashion.

“My eyes landed here and thought they were donuts,” wrote one person. 

One person commented: “So you mean to tell me these aren’t glazed donuts?”

“100% thought these were donuts, then I thought they might be donuts shaped like snakes. Then I opened the pick and life hit me hard,” another said. 

The original poster of the picture, who clearly just wanted to share the beauty of nature with her followers evidently was fed up by all the comments saying the slithering serpents look like baked goods. 

“The amount of times people said the snakes look like donuts is crazy lmfao,” she wrote before adding, “I f***ing get it they look like donuts.”

Rather than getting hungry, several users said the realisation they were looking at serpents made them sick. 

“Stop when I saw them I thought they were glazed donuts but then almost wanted to puke because THEY ARE NOT GLAZED DONUTS SO EW,” wrote one clearly traumatised user. 

A few Tweeters were obviously inspired by the optical illusion, saying that they were going to be stopping at the shops for donuts later. 

We were a bit divided over the picture here at Starts at 60, with one staffer seeing donuts, one seeing intestines, and one being unable to look long enough to make a decision!

Regardless of whether you thought it was donuts, snakes, or something else entirely, the picture has obviously struck a chord somewhere along the line, with the tweet being shared more than 14,000 times, and liked closed to 40,000 times!

What do you see, snakes or donuts (or something else entirely)?

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