Dan Murphy’s warns of alcohol shortage: Australia reacts

Oct 21, 2021
Dan Murphy's warns of alcohol shortage in the coming months. Source: Getty Images.

In devastating news for those who enjoy a drink at home liquor retailer Dan Murphy’s has announced recent disruptions to global supply chains could result in alcohol shortages in the coming months.

The warning comes after months of panic buying combined with ongoing lockdowns, forcing more consumers to drink at home, leaving the shelves almost bare.

Chief Executive of Endeavour group, who operate Dan Murphy’s, Steve Donohue said there could be “some relative minor impacts on sales due to availability”.

“Supply chain constraints affecting both global and local networks are limiting our access to some products, particularly imported drinks,” he said.

“Like all retailers, we are seeing some supply chain constraints due to the Covid pandemic, but we have worked closely with our supply partners since the first lockdown to keep stock on shelves and we continue to do so.”

Faced with the prospect of having to forgo after-work drinks on Friday Australians took to social media to vent and share their reactions on the potential booze shortage.

“You thought the two old ladies fighting over the last 24 pack of TP was bad, wait till you see the bloodbath in the Dan Murphys coolroom!!!!!!,” one wrote.

“Glad the top of my fridge is well stocked …”

“Time to panic buy and get my Christmas stock.”

Another appeared concerned over missing out on their favourite spiced rum, “Better stock up on the Kraken.”

All hope is not lost for you being able to enjoy your favourite bottle of red over the weekend as Donohue said the Endeavour Group and Dan Murphy’s have worked to limit the fallout from any supply issues.

“We have proactively allowed for more lead time when importing products to mitigate any potential supply chain delays,” he said.

“If a customer temporarily can’t find their favourite imported drink, they will be able to find suitable alternatives in our stores.”

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Are you worried about possible alcohol shortages?

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