Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young’s grim warning to Qld grandparents

Aug 03, 2021
Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has told older Australians to stay away from grandkids. Source: Getty

Queensland has recorded another 16 locally acquired Covid-19 cases overnight, and with the majority of cases affecting children, the states Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has issued a grim warning for grandparents to stay away.

Addressing the media on Tuesday morning, Professor Young said the latest cases were all linked to the Indooroopilly outbreak which has predominately affected school kids, warning that grandparents are “significantly more at risk” and should stay away from their grandchildren.

“If you’re a grandparent, don’t go anywhere near your grandkids,” she said.

“We still don’t have all our healthcare workers and aged care workers vaccinated. We need them all vaccinated.

“So far this outbreak has affected schoolkids. We’ve not seen their grandparents infected. So if you are a grandparent of one of these kids, one of these households and haven’t been vaccinated, don’t go anywhere near your grandkids.

“If you have two doses of vaccine and normally provide care for grandkids so their parents can go and do essential work, then that’s fine. If you haven’t had your two doses of vaccine, you’re 60 or over, please stay home. It’s really important because you are significantly more at risk.”


The 16 new cases bring the total to 47. While Young said it was good news that the cases were all contained to the original cluster, she was still concerned as to where the outbreak had originated.

“We have 16 new cases in this cluster, which means we have 47 in total. All 16 of these new cases are related to those Indooroopilly sites and schools. That’s good. We haven’t seen any from outside there,” she said.

“I’m concerned that we don’t know how this outbreak has happened. We know the very first two cases that arrived into Queensland on 29 June, but I don’t know how it’s got from either of those two people to the first family in that Indooroopilly area.

“Wherever you are in the 11 LGAs, if you can, stay put so the virus doesn’t move. We know that there are people out there who could have been infected who have no symptoms, so the best way to deal with someone who has no symptoms is that they just stay at home. That’s why lockdowns work. We know the virus can burn out. Stay at home.”

The new cases come as the Federal Government confirmed it will be immediately providing the state with an extra 150,000 AstraZeneca doses.

The news was welcomed by Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath, who said: “That is fantastic. We will take them and more.”

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What do you think of the advice? Will you be staying away from the little ones?

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