Robert Irwin’s emotional revelation: Sister Bindi’s ‘hellish’ health battle left him in tears

Robert Irwin's tearful update on sister's health condition. Source: Getty

Robert Irwin has spoken candidly about his sister Bindi’s recent endometriosis battle, sharing that her health was “going downhill fast” before she took action.

On Monday, May 29, the 19-year-old wildlife conservationist told Sunrise hosts David Kosh and Natalie Barr that watching his sister, 24, undergo her decade-long “hellish” health battle has inspired him to help raise awareness for women’s health.

“When it comes to women’s health, so often it’s thought of as a women’s discussion, a women’s issue, but this is something that we all need to talk about,” he said.

“Endometriosis, like so many women’s health complications, affects more people than we realise. So many women go undiagnosed with endometriosis and live through really hellish conditions.

“Bindi was going downhill fast, and since getting treatment for endometriosis — after being turned down and completely written off as, ‘Oh, it’s all in your head’ or, ‘Oh, it’s normal’ — she finally got the help that she needed and the help she deserved,” he continued.

“And she’s a new woman, so I’m very vocal now about saying, put it on your radar.

“Put endo on your radar for all women, and men, start making this a normal conversation to have.”

In March, Bindi revealed that she had been “quietly dealing” with endometriosis for over 10 years. Sharing that she had been suffering from severe fatigue, pain, and nausea, before getting surgery to remove 37 lesions and a “chocolate cyst” from her uterus.

Bindi is among one of nine women who are suffering from this horrible condition. According to Endometriosis Australia, this debilitating condition can cause a “number of symptoms such as pelvic pain and infertility, it is [also] possible that you can have endometriosis and not have either of these problems.”


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Robert’s recent interview with Sunrise is the second time he’s publicly urged people to listen up and help shed light on women’s health issues.

Shortly after Bindi announced her endometriosis diagnosis, Robert took to social media to raise awareness for the disease, saying:  “Endometriosis is a horrible, crippling disease and too many women endure this in silence, or are never even diagnosed.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to be allies for women’s health and help spread awareness.

“You never know who’s suffering in silence, let’s make this a topic that we all freely talk about.”

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