Paul McCartney says he goes above and beyond for Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2023
Paul McCartney has opened up about his enthusiasm for Valentine's Day. Source: Getty Images.

After co-writing the hit song All You Need Is Love it should come as no surprise that Paul McCartney is a romantic at heart, but for those who had any doubts the legend himself has set the record straight, revealing that he goes over the top when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

As the most romantic day of the year draws near, McCartney revealed on his website that he holds little back when it comes to romantic gestures for his wife Nancy Shevell.

“When it comes to being a husband… I see it as just trying to be good to my wife Nancy and trying to be considerate and romantic,” he revealed.

“I completely overdo Valentine’s Day!

“I mean, there’s not just one card, there are cards hidden around the room, and sometimes things even spill into the next day – it’s completely silly.”

McCartney’s extravagant approach isn’t just confined to Valentine’s Day, with the 80-year-old revealing he will also “go crazy” at Christmas time.

“If there’s an excuse to have some fun, I overdo it! At Christmas, I go crazy with the tree lights and fairy lights – totally overdo it,” he said.

McCartney then spoke further as to how he approaches being a husband.

“I try to be helpful as a husband too. If there’s a problem, I like to be the guy that will lend some strength to it. I’m always very happy to be the person Nancy relies on, and to be her strength when she goes through tough times,” he said.

“I am very proud, in fact, to be ‘The Guy’ there. And I know she is grateful. So, that’s my role as a husband: it’s to be the strength and the romance at the same time. I don’t think I consciously chose to be that way. It’s just how I do things.”

Although McCartney seemingly enjoys nothing more that expressing his love for his wife and those close to him, the Beatles legend was certainly feeling the love himself at Glastonbury in 2022 when fans broke into a surprising and touching rendition of Happy Birthday when he took the stage.

At the time, McCartney had only recently reached his milestone 80th birthday on June 18.

“For me?” McCartney said in surprise as the crowd broke into song.

 “Oh man, it’s so good to be here. We were supposed to be doing this three years ago.

“But here we are. We’ve got some old songs for you, we’ve got some new songs, and we’ve got some in-betweeners… and I got a feeling we’re going to have a great time.”


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McCartney appeared on the festival’s iconic Pyramid Stage in front of a crowd of thousands for an incredible set that lasted over two hours. He began his mammoth performance with The Beatles’ classic Can’t Buy Me Love.

The legendary performance took an emotional turn when McCartney performed a virtual duet of I’ve Got a Feeling with his late bandmate and close friend John Lennon.

“I’ve got a special little thing here,” McCartney said while introducing the surprise duet.

“One day, Peter Jackson rings me up and says he can take John’s vocals and isolate them so that you can play live with John on tour. He said do you fancy that?”



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