Surprising ingredients that will make your scrambled eggs more creamy

Jul 13, 2020
Here's how to get light and fluffy scrambled eggs every time. Source: Getty.

It’s fair to say nothing quite beats light and fluffy scrambled eggs on toast slathered in butter for breakfast. It’s delicious, full of good-for-you nutrients and is super filling.

But scrambled eggs are one of those simple recipes that’s so easy to mess up. Far too often we’re left with dry, rubbery or undercooked, watery eggs that are a far cry from the restaurant-quality we’d imagine dishing up for breaky — but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Next time you make scrambled eggs try adding one of these surprising ingredients listed below — you’ll get light and fluffy scrambled eggs every time.

Baking powder

While some people like to add heavy cream or milk to their eggs, some cooks swear by adding a pinch of baking powder, which is traditionally used as a leavening agent in baked goods, to make scrambled eggs super fluffy and creamy. Just mix a small amount of baking powder (half a teaspoon per two large eggs) into beaten eggs before cooking and watch the magic happen. And while baking powder may make your eggs more fluffy, it’s still up to you to get the technique right. As a general rule of thumb, the eggs shouldn’t be in the pan for any more than two minutes. Any longer and they’ll be overcooked!


It may sound a bit icky at first but turns out a dollop of plain old mayo can also give scrambled eggs a nice, creamy texture. All you have to do is mix some mayonnaise and eggs together with a fork before cooking — it’s that simple! And if you have any fussy eaters at home, rest assured, it won’t change the flavour, so they won’t even notice it’s in there. Who would’ve thought to add mayo to eggs?


If you’re after light and fluffy scrambled eggs, add some cornstarch and milk to the mix. Adding cornstarch to the eggs protects them from overcooking and turning into a not-so-pleasant rubbery mess. To get started, crack three eggs (or however many you’d like) into a medium bowl. Then, in a separate bowl, evenly whisk together the milk (1 1/2 tablespoons) and cornstarch (1 3/4 teaspoons) until its lump-free. Then add the milk and cornstarch mixture to your eggs, and beat until smooth, before cooking.

How do you cook scrambled eggs?

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