Microwave cleaning hack goes viral

Nov 07, 2021
A US woman has gone viral after posting her microwave cleaning hack. Source: Getty Images

A US woman’s TikTok video revealing how to clean a hidden compartment in a charcoal microwave has gone viral, with many commenting that it was an element they were totally unaware of.

On her account @mamasknowsbest, the woman shows where the filter can be found on the appliance and demonstrates how best to clean it. The hack has been viewed more than 2.8 million times.

“This is your reminder to change your microwave charcoal filter,” she said. “You’re supposed to change the filter every six months. So while I wait for my new one to come, I’m going to just clean this one.”

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To clean it, the woman simply removed the dirty filter and soaked it in soapy water. She then scrubbed the top of the microwave as well as the plastic filter cover. The filter and the plastic cover were then rinsed under running water, and then both were placed back in the microwave.

Many of those who own the particular brand of charcoal microwave were left surprised by the feature and the fact it needed fairly regular cleaning.

On TikTok user commented, “Been using a microwave [for] over 30 years and never ever even knew there was a filter to clean.”

Another said, “Raise your hand if you didn’t know your microwave had a filter.”

While one added, “I’m positive my apartment management has never changed these and I’m afraid to look.”

One user clarified that the filter is only included in certain types of microwaves: “Only the microwaves that are in the wall have them, countertop microwaves do not have filters.”

The microwave was an over-the-range charcoal microwave designed with a filter to reduce odours. Countertop microwaves and others available in Australia typically do not have this feature.

Appliances Online category expert, Colin Jones, told news.com.au, the filters on charcoal microwaves needs replacing “every six months, however, this type of model is not available in Australia”. “In Australia, we have a few different types of microwave ovens available, microwave only, microwaves with a grill function and convection microwaves, which are able to be used as a normal oven,” he said.

Most microwaves in Australia can be cleaned by simply wiping the interior with a clean cloth and there is no need to remove or change the filter. Be sure to refer to the instruction manual before cleaning or inspecting the microwave.

How often do you clean your microwave?

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