Life hack: Easy pour and seal for your frozen veggie bags

How do you store your opened bags of frozen veggies? Folded over with a peg or bulldog clip holding them closed? When you run out of clips do you just roll the top down and hope for the best?

With this simple trick, your freezer can go from a chaotic mess of of opened and possibly spilling bag of frozen veggies, to organised perfection. Your veggies will stay fresher too being sealed properly!

This hack is quite brilliant really. It doesn’t take anything you won’t already have, and not only will it properly seal your bag of frozen peas, it will create the perfect sized easy-pour spout. It’s especially great if you’re only using a small amount of veggies at a time. 

All you will need is your opened bag of veggies, an empty plastic soft-drink, juice, or milk bottle, and a pair of scissors. 

Here is how to do it:

1. Take the lid off the bottle.

2. Use the scissors to cut the neck off the bottle, leaving a bit of the shoulder on.

3. Place the bottle neck over the opened top of the bag, and pull the bag through and fold down over the bottle neck.

4. Screw the bottle cap on and voila!

Life hack: Easy pour and seal for your frozen veggie bags

Do you have any other creative kitchen hacks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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