These compression socks are actually so comfortable, you’ll forget they’re doing the job

Aug 05, 2023
Much like Goldilocks, there is such a thing as “just right” when it comes to compression socks. Source: Supplied

Wearing compression socks offers a number of benefits (and not just for travel), especially as we age and our bodies need a little bit of extra love and care. 

Over the years, our circulatory systems can deteriorate, leading to issues such as edema, leg cramps, blood clots and venous insufficiency. 

Compression socks work to provide relief and counteract these issues by applying pressure to increase blood flow. 

Despite the benefits, the difficulty of putting these socks on coupled with the discomfort of the tight, restrictive material, often leads to many people choosing not to wear them. 

Now, thanks to Paire, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable, chemist-brand compression socks, and hello to compression socks so comfortable, you won’t even realise they’re working. 

How do they work? 

The primary goal of compression socks is to improve circulation in your legs by getting your blood flowing from your extremities back to your heart. 

This is done by using graduated compression, where the strongest pressure point is at your ankles, decreasing in pressure as you go up the leg. This improved circulation also helps decrease your risk of blood clots, particularly for those with a sedentary lifestyle or recovering from surgery.  

The pressure applied to the veins and muscles in your legs also helps to reduce swelling, draining and fluid retention and prevents excess fluid from pooling. 

But don’t let all this talk of applied pressure put you off, much like Goldilocks, there is such a thing as “just right” when it comes to compression socks. No need to settle for too tight or too loose. 

Walk on cloud 9


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Paire’s Compression Socks have fast earned themselves the title of “the most comfiest socks in the world”, and for good reason!

Crafted by a knowledgeable team of textile experts, these socks are made with a blend of sustainably-sourced eucalyptus fibres and premium Australian Merino wool, you won’t find compression socks of this quality at the chemist. 

Featuring a one-of-a-kind 90-degree cut along the heels and toes, these socks give you an anti-slip guarantee. 

The anti-bacterial elements of the materials used in the socks assure a sweat and odour-free experience, meaning you can wear them for long periods of time or during exercise, and not have to worry about upsetting the noses around you!

These socks will have you feeling like you’re walking on the clouds all the while gently working to provide your legs with the love and support they need through barely noticeable compression.

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