‘Outstanding sportsmanship’: Aussie athlete’s selfless act wins hearts

Aug 06, 2021
Cedric Dubler cheering on Ash Moloney to victory. Source: Getty

It doesn’t get anymore Aussie than this … Ash Moloney may have created history on Thursday by winning an Olympic bronze medal in the decathlon, but he wouldn’t have got there without the help of his teammate and good friend Cedric Dubler.

After nine gruelling events, 100 metre, long jump, high jump, 400m, 100m hurdles and pole vault, the 21-year-old was in the race for third place. All that was left was the 1500m run. He ended up running a personal best 4:39.19 and finished 12th, to clinch bronze.

But the commentators and those watching at home couldn’t help but commemorate his teammate Dubler who sacrificed his own race to run alongside Moloney, screaming at him to push through the pain and secure the bronze medal.

Channel 7 sports presenter Bruce McAvaney said: “He has been able to help Ash mentally and now physically right to the end.”

Athlete Tamsyn Manou added: “He has been fabulous. He sacrificed his own event here just to help his teammate.”

After the race, the pair spoke to reporters, with Dubler saying: “I had to obviously run our own race and try and bring him through but also keep an eye on where Pierce and Scantling were and make sure they didn’t get too far ahead. He had me worried for a little bit then I just started screaming at him and we got him there.”

Meanwhile, Moloney opened up about how important his teammate’s encouragement was when it came to him securing the bronze and not falling behind.

“I could hear his voice bouncing in my cranium like a bat out of hell,” he said. “[I was] just putting one foot in front of the other. I started hitting a wall at 800 metres and I was a bit concerned but I was like, ‘just stick to Cedric. Don’t let him get too far away.’ I executed and he screamed like a … like a nutter.”

Meanwhile, Channel 7 host Andy Maher said Aussies will be looking back at this moment for years to come.

“We will look back, I reckon when the books shut on Tokyo and you look at the Olympic Games and there are snapshot images, iconic images from an Olympic Games. Dubler screaming into Moloney’s ear is going to be one of those two or three-second images that all of those great motivational pieces we get put together with beautiful music, it is going to be one of those pieces.”

Viewers back at home also jumped on social media, with Twitter user @TheresaMynott, writing: “Well done Cedric Dubler on a show of outstanding sportsmanship helping your fellow countryman to achieve a Bronze Medal.”

Did you watch the race?

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