Sex party horror: Dad and daughter come face-to-face in ‘pleasure’ line

Mar 30, 2021
There are many places you don't want to run into a relative - a sex party tops the list (model posed for picture). Source: Getty

After spotting his daughter while waiting in line for “pleasure” at a sex party in the UK, a father has sought advice on how to get her to speak to him again after the “mortifying” incident.

The 58-year-old father wrote to The Sun’s Dear Deidre column last week with his particularly horrifying and – we hope – unique problem, revealing his only child has cut communications after they came face to face at the orgy.

The man told the column that he split up with his 32-year-old daughter’s mum two years prior, however, in the past, he had attended the sex party with his ex-wife.

On this occasion, the man visited the party with a “lady friend”, as single men weren’t allowed in, and after a couple of drinks entered the “playroom”. But this was where “it all went horribly wrong”.

“I was really shocked — as well as embarrassed, of course — to see her at this do. I keep getting flashbacks to that night and it makes me cringe so much,” he wrote. “I have always been to sex parties, even with my ex-wife, and this particular venue was a regular haunt of mine.

“On arrival, we went for a couple of drinks and it wasn’t until we entered one of the playrooms that it all went horribly wrong. On one side, there was a line of men all getting pleasured by different women, which looked like fun. We joined in at the end of the line.

“Part of the pleasure at these venues is taking in the surroundings. But this time I got the shock of my life. When I looked down the line, I recognised my daughter with someone who wasn’t her husband. As I spotted her, she glanced over and clocked me. It was mortifying and I scarpered.”

The man revealed the pair’s tight bond after his separation from her mum and said he was worried the awkward encounter may have damaged their relationship for good.

“I had always been really close to my daughter, even after I split up with her mum,” he wrote. “She is my only child and we used to love going for walks and to the pub together. But since that night, she won’t pick up my calls or reply to my texts.

“A part of me thinks she shouldn’t judge me. After all, she was doing exactly the same as me. I really want to forget about that night and move on. I’ve heard she is pregnant with her first child, and am worried now I won’t even get to meet my first grandchild.”

The columnist’s advice sympathised with the man, but also highlighted the risk of Covid-19 and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) at such close-contact events.

“I am sure that your daughter isn’t judging you,” she wrote. “She is no doubt preoccupied with her own embarrassment and perhaps she is worried her secret will come out. Keep trying to contact her. You could write her a letter, without going into the details of that evening, and tell her you love her very much and miss her. Let her know that if ever she wants to talk – about anything – you will always be there for her.

“Don’t give up on her and I am sure she will have a change of heart once she realises you are not going to judge her or spill the beans.

“You do not say when this took place but these sex parties are best avoided, as they risk spreading not just coronavirus but STIs.”

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Have you ever heard of anything like this? Do you think the father and daughter will be able to patch things up?

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