Downsizing? These simple tricks will take the stress out of moving house

Nov 13, 2019
Moving house can be a stressful ordeal. Thankfully there are a few simple ways to make it run smoothly. Source: Getty Images

So, you’ve made the decision to downsize and move into somewhere a little smaller to support your new lifestyle. Now comes the fun part … moving.

As anyone who’s ever endured the struggle that is moving to a new house will tell you, there’s nothing particularly fun about boxing up your entire life just to unpack again when you arrive in your new home. Suddenly you become very aware of just how much ‘stuff’ you own and are forced to do some decluttering to make sure you don’t end up stuffing your new abode with an abundance of excess homewares. Then there’s the added pressure of dealing with removalist companies and, of course, the actual act of unpacking, which can be a drawn-out process if your boxes aren’t labelled appropriately.

A Los Angeles-based woman recently took her plight to Twitter, calling for help from her followers as she struggled with the moving process. In her original tweet, she wrote: “Moving this Sunday! Any tips or tricks for your girl?! I’m using stackable and reusable bins, but anything else eco-friendly is appreciated!”

She’s since had over 200 comments from savvy movers, ranging from the unusual to the downright genius. So we’ve rounded up the top ten tips that will have you well on your way to moving without the hassle.

  • If you can, then rent packing boxes instead of stocking up on new ones that will likely just go to waste after you’ve moved
  • Invest in a couple of the big blue bags from IKEA. You’ll be surprised at how much they can carry, plus they’re super durable
  • Pack clothes by tying them together in plastic bags to prevent them from slipping off clothes hangers mid-move
  • Colour-coded tape will help the movers know which bins and boxes go where. Tape the colour tape to the door or location where the boxes should end up. This will allow you to stay out of their way and focus on other things during the move
  • Set up your bed first when you get to your new home. After a big day of unpacking, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to make your bed and can jump straight in
  • Vacuum sealed bags are life savers. They take up less space than boxes and you can see through them, which makes unpacking easier
  • Hire a moving company that includes packing and assembling furniture
  • Use this opportunity to purge. If you haven’t used it in a year, consider getting rid of it. If you see it next time you move, and it’s still unused, it might be time to sign up to Hoarders Anonymous
  • Use towels or linen to protect dishes and breakable items instead of newspaper
  • If you need to disassemble anything, duct tape the screws and any other related hardware you take out to the piece of furniture they go with. You’ll never be short of a screw again

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What are your best packing tips?

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