‘Don’t buy this fridge’: Choice names cult brand as worst fridge ever

Feb 15, 2021
Choice has named and shamed the worst fridge on the market. Source: Getty.

If you’re on the hunt for a new fridge, Choice reckons it’s best to stay away from the cult brand Smeg.

The Italian manufacturer of domestic appliances was recently put to the test and according to the comparison site, failed epically. Yes, that’s right, its latest FAB38RCRAU model earned the lowest result in Choice history. The Smeg fridge scored just 22 per cent overall.

“This fridge is the worst we’ve ever seen in decades of testing,” Choice fridge expert Ashley Iredale said. “It’s even more appalling when you consider that it costs a whopping $3,990. You get a 1950s-style aesthetic from this fridge, but you’ll also get ’50s performance to match.”

So why is the Smeg fridge such a let down? Well, according to the Choice experts, Smeg’s biggest fault is its temperature stability, which it marked at a shocking zero per cent. Choice’s lab tests discovered inside temperatures fluctuated widely — by more than five degrees inside and a staggering 10 degrees in the freezer.


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“Such temperature shifts are really bad news for your food, and can actually be quite dangerous,” Iredale said. “A five-degree fluctuation could see a fridge set at three degrees get as warm as eight degrees. For example, a tray of oysters — refrigerated at eight degrees — could be unsafe and even give you food poisoning.

“Don’t buy this fridge. It might look pretty, but when your food goes off all you’ll have is a smelly Smeg in your kitchen.”

The experts found the fridge was also easily affected by outside temperatures and conditions, and scored it a low 22 per cent for this category.

“If you buy this fridge, you’ll need to constantly adjust the settings as the seasons change, or even if there’s significant day-to-day temperature changes in the area you live in,” Iredale added.

And not only is the Smeg super pricey at $3,990, it’s also expensive to run. The experts found the Smeg will roughly cost an extra $1,707 to run over 10 years, while similar-sized models from other brands cost between $1,074 and $1,431 to run for the same length of time. Which means you’re paying a lot to run a very poor-performing fridge.

And lastly, Choice reckons the 2-metre high fridge is oversized for its actual capacity. “We’ve seen plenty of larger capacity fridges that take up less space in the cramped confines of the modern Australian kitchen,” Iredale explained.

The results are in stark contrast to Smeg’s own claims about the retro-style fridge, which it says has a “multi-flow cooling system” and “industry leading technology”.

Starts at 60 has contacted Smeg for comment.

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