Australia’s favourite laundry powder revealed, and it’s only $6

Sep 17, 2020
Here are the best laundry powder brands on the market.

If you pride yourself on having the fluffiest towels, the cleanest sheets, and the best-smelling clothes, well, a new survey has now revealed which product you should have in your laundry.

The survey carried out by consumer advocacy group Canstar Blue put well-known supermarket brands like Ultra, Duo and Omo under the spotlight to find the best laundry powder on the market. The brands were rated on the scent, quality of clean, value for money and so on.

Aldi’s Trimat from the discount supermarket’s everyday laundry range came in at number one, after Aussies gave it five-star reviews for the quality of clean, feel of clothes after a wash, scent, packaging design, value for money and overall satisfaction. It got four stars for environmental friendliness. And the best part is, a 1.5kg pack will only set you back $5.79.

Aldi had a good run with its Almat laundry powder nabbing second place. The product was rated four stars across all categories. A 2kg pack will only set you back less than $5, while a 4kg value pack is priced under $10.

Another worthy contender is Earth Choice which came third place and was rated best for environmental friendliness, and four stars in the majority of categories, except value for money where it landed on three stars. The laundry powder is available in 1kg and 2kg boxes, that cost between $5 and $10.

It was followed by Biozet Attack which earned four stars for overall satisfaction, quality of clean, feel of clothes after wash and packaging design, but was rated three stars for the other categories. Biozet Attack is available in 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 4kg packages.

Omo came in at number five, receiving four stars across all categories except value for money and environmental friendliness where it landed on three stars. Omo is one of the more expensive brands setting you back close to $10 for 1kg.

Fab rounded out the top six, receiving five stars for scent and four stars in the majority of categories, except environmental friendliness where it got three stars. It was followed by Surf that earned a solid four-star rating for most categories, including value for money and overall satisfaction. It got three stars for environmental friendliness.

Radiant, Duo and Cold Power rounded out the top 10, followed by Coles Ultra which was rated three stars across the board. However, the lowest score overall was given to Coles budget line of everyday products, which received four stars for value for money and three stars in every other category.

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