Nothing’s sacred! Grandparents vote on their most hated baby names

Oct 10, 2021
Not all baby names are adored by grandparents, according to Gransnet. Source: Getty

Naming a newborn is one of the biggest decisions any parent will make. And, typically, grandparents hardly ever get a say.

And so, a survey was conducted across Gransnet, in partnership with Mumsnet, to find out the most hated baby names – as voted by grandparents.

Surprisingly, the results showed that grandparents dislike the name Aurora most, despite it being the third most popular name in 2020.

But contrary to popular belief, it’s not just modern names that grandparents don’t like. They also turned up their nose at more traditional names, including Charlotte, Jack and Tabitha.

Not holding back whatsoever, 30 per cent of participants revealed that they don’t like some of their grandchildren’s names because they are “ugly”.

Speaking of lists, here are the top five most hated baby names:

  1. Aurora
  2. Charlotte
  3. Elijah
  4. Finn
  5. Jack

A few other names, such as Lindsay, Noah and Sally also made the longer version of the list. And, in no surprise at all, a modest 20 per cent expressed disappointment that their suggested names weren’t included in their children’s list of favourites.

This isn’t the first time grandparents have been open about not liking their grandchild’s name. Another Gransnet user, MummyJoJo62, posted on the forum in early 2020 and wrote, “I feel I should almost whisper this as I have surprised myself with how upset I became. I have always held the mantra of ‘a rose would still smell as sweet was it a rose not called,’ sorry if I have misquoted, it’s been a while. Anyway has anybody really hated a name that has been given to your grandchild and did you manage to keep your mouth shut about it? I didn’t! Oops!”

Surprisingly, many users were in disagreement with the post, with one saying, “Our grandchildren are not ours to name, it’s best to say nothing and let the name grow on you or else it causes problems.”

Another user commented, “I’m not overly keen on my grandson’s name. But I adore him and, by association, that name is music to my ears. You’ll get used to it. Apologise.”

Do you like your grandchildren's names?

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