Grandma wonders if she should let her pup sleep in her bed. Would you?

Sep 21, 2021
A grandmother wonders if she's alone in letting her dog sleep on the bed. Source: Pexels

Gransnet user, ‘Neen’ took to the forum on Monday, wondering if she was alone in letting her pup sleep in her bed.

Neen wrote, “I know I shouldn’t have when I got her last year but I did and now she’s a nearly 18-month-old who has more of the bed than me.

She has her three walks a day and I sometimes hire the Freedom Field (a UK dog park) so she has off-leash time. I talk to her and we play in the garden. She gives me her paw if she wants a treat and barks at the hoover still. She’s a strong girlie but tries to sit on my lap or across me and loves soft toy playtime and I love her. She’s my friend.

My friend said she shouldn’t be in the bed and I’m too close to her and she should be a dog, not spoken to like a human. I’m not the only one surely?”

Ten minutes later, fellow Gransnet users started making comments siding with the post and sharing beloved stories of their pets.

Gransnet user, ‘Vanecam’ was the first to comment: “If you live alone, by definition it follows that you can make all of your decisions without having to consider anyone else. Enjoy your pooch and do as you like. Don’t give other people’s negative views a second thought.”

The bulk of the responses were positive and agreement followed suit, with another user commenting: “No Neen you are not the only one. If you live alone and you chose your dog…then enjoy your friend.”

Meanwhile, there was one comment that wasn’t in complete agreement. User, ‘MayBee70’ said: “I’ve had dogs for over 40 years. None of my dogs has slept on my bed. I always preferred them to sleep in the kitchen which made it easier when they got old and incontinent.”

It seems as though letting your dogs sleep on your bed is a completely personal preference with which many dog owners are comfortable.


Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you?

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