How to get rid of spiders without using bug spray

Do you have a problem with spiders?

Is your house a hotspot for spiders?

There’s nothing worse than tucking yourself in bed of an evening, only to discover a spider making a mad dash across your bedroom wall. You know you’re not going to sleep until you know that the spider is dead (or at least safely out of your room).

While bug spray can be effective, they can also be expensive and smelly. Furthermore, how many times have you spotted a spider, sprayed it with half a can of spray, only to see it limp away when you think it’s dead?

While there are actually benefits of having a spider in your house (think of all the other insects they eat), there’s no denying that they can be frightening to some people. And, although the chances of a bite are slim, there’s nothing worse than knowing something deadly is lurking in your home.

Thankfully, there are natural things you can do to keep the spiders away. The best part is you can use these techniques at entry points around your home so you don’t end up facing a critter when you least suspect it.

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Use a turmeric paste

It’s a superfood and also a super effective way of keeping spiders outside. While it can be quite messy, Remedies and Herbs says that spiders simply cannot stand the smell. Just mix three tablespoons of the powder with water and make a paste that you can apply to spider-infested areas.

Because it can be messy, it’s a good idea to either apply to areas outside your home or to leave in a small bowl or dish that won’t stain your walls or carpets.

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Spray your house with vinegar

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It sounds silly, but spiders also hate the smell of vinegar, according to While other bug sprays can be harmful to your health and the wellbeing of your pets and grandkids, vinegar doesn’t contain any chemicals that are going to impact you.

Simply mix a cup of white vinegar with two cups of water and spray around areas that are prone to spiders. Again, vinegar has a strong scent so you may want to make sure the areas are well-ventilated, so areas of your home don’t end up smelling like a fish and chip shop.

Use citrus fruit peels

Did you know that spiders are usually deterred by citrus fruits? This means that anything with a citrus smell such as oranges or lemons will encourage a spider to find another home.

Simply rub some peels around areas where spiders are usually found – think corners, windowsills and dark places where spiders usually set up shop.

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If you find it’s too messy, you can also opt for citrus-scented sprays. Other effective items include lemon juice or lime juice.

Scatter pepper

Pepper is another thing that humans love, but that spiders don’t like. Simply grind some pepper to make a powder and scatter it in areas where you have seen spiders. 

What you’ll find is that it gets rid of spider mites and will also make a spider think twice about setting up home in your home. The best part is that it can also prevent other insects from entering your house, including ants.

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Light a scented candle

It can be nice to light a scented candle for a romantic night or to make your home smell fresher, but it’s also a clever way of keeping spiders away.

There are certain smells that spiders find absolutely repulsive and flavours such as lavender, peppermint and fruity scents are your best bet, according to Survival Frog.

Kill them with salt

While humans like to add salt to their chips or meals for added flavour, Western Exterminator states that it can actually kill spiders.

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Next time you have a pesky spider that won’t budge, try spraying it with salt water. You should find that it kills the spider nearly instantly.

Also try spraying spider nests with a salty solution to ensure that any eggs are also killed.

Do you have a problem with spiders? How do you get rid of them?