From plant support to moth repellent, 6 unusual uses for pencils

6 unusual uses for pencils. Source: Pexels

Pencils are more than just a writing tool. 

If you’re only using them to note down your shopping list, surprisingly you’re just touching on a fraction of what they’re capable of.

Stubborn new key? Sticker gunk? Here are six unusual ways to put your pencils to work. 

Repel moths

There is nothing more frustrating than finding moth holes in your clothes. Pencil shavings are actually great at repelling moths. Empty your pencil sharpener into little cloth sacks and use as sachets in your wardrobe. 

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Lubricate a stuck zipper

If your zipper is not budging, try using a pencil to end your frustration. Simply run the pencil lead over the teeth of the zipper to unzip it. Another great trick, is to use the opposite side of the pencil (eraser) to do exactly the same thing! 

Offer plant support

Not only are pencils great around the house, they are also useful in the garden. If you have a plant that needs supporting, a pencil is actually the perfect sized stake for a small plant. Simply tie with a piece of old cloth or string. 

Ease a new key 

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New key? Can’t seem to fit it into your door lock? Don’t fret! Simply rub a pencil along the teeth of the key. The graphite powder should help the key open the door. Surprisingly, graphite powder is a fantastic dry lubricant. 

Remove sticker gunk

To remove leftover sticker gunk, flip your pencil around – the eraser is fantastic at it. All you need to do is rub it back and fourth over the gunk, as if rubbing out pencil marks. You may be surprised with how effective it is.

Roll out your toothpaste

The end drops of a toothpaste seem almost impossible to remove. To get the most out of it, use a pencil to roll your toothpaste tube. Not a drop will be wasted! 

Do you use any of these tips? What do you use a pencil for?