How to get those greasy range-hood vents clean again

It will be sparkling like new!

Let your mind take a walk into your kitchen. Over to the stove. Now take a peek under and up into your range-hood, and what do you see?

Most people will probably see two wire grills which cover the exhaust fan, and they are most likely (literally) dripping with orangey-brown grease. 

This is perfectly normal, and it doesn’t say anything about your housekeeping. All it says is that you’re cooking lots of good, delicious foods regularly, and those greases and oils get sucked up, only to build up in a filthy layer up there. 

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Generally these grills don’t get cleaned regularly because they’re simply not that visible in the way say, your stovetop is. So unfortunately, by the time you get around to it, there’s a fair bit of grease to contend with! 

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Luckily there’s a super effective way to clean it all off quickly!

All you’re going to need is a capful of a laundry soaker, some thick rubber gloves, a dish sponge, and some very hot water. 

Fill up your sink with hot water, and dissolve the laundry soaker in it. Place the range-hood grills in the water and let them soak for 10-15 minutes. 

Next (wearing your gloves), give them a good scrubbing over with the sponge. 

Rinse in very hot running water to remove any leftover greasy residue (sometimes a kettle full of boiling water can be most efficient, but just be careful touching them afterwards as they’ll be very hot). 

Viola! They’ll sparkle like new!

Do you have any other great cleaning tips?