Looking back at the magic that Mike Walsh brought to your TVs

From 1973 to 1985, Mike Walsh brought exciting entertainment and interesting guests into your lounge room.  The Mike Walsh Show

From 1973 to 1985, Mike Walsh brought exciting entertainment and interesting guests into your lounge room.  The Mike Walsh Show was broadcasted on both Channel Ten and Channel Nine and was watched by more than five million viewers a week.  The program chalked up a staggering 24 Logies and seven Sammys for the program that made Mike a household name and a Australian icon.

Mike was just a boy from Corowa, New South Wales that was originally going to be a Pharmacist until the lure of show business hooked him in.  While carving out a successful career in both radio and television, Mike also focused on one of his true loves; the stage.  He has produced shows all over Australia and London’s West End.

For his work in entertainment, Mike was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1980 and just this year he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia.  He was also playfully given the nickname “Darling of the Blue Rinse Set” as he appealed the most for the older demographic but he was truly a man of all demos as he brought big name interviews with celebrities and musical acts from all over the world into the Australian home.

While he hasn’t appeared on television since 1989, Mike is still hard at work with the theatre as he owns Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne since 2000.  He also helped fund and oversaw the restoration of this classic theatre.  He also owns the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace which is an art deco, six-screen cinema in Cremorne, Sydney.

Mike will always be like a proud papa of the golden age of Australian daytime television and will always be a legend.

Did you watch The Mike Walsh Show? What was your favourite moment from the show?

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  1. Mary  

    It was when Mike had on a old man on who said he could diagnose a person’s health, or future or something from their saliva. Mike gave him a sample and old chap spent ages examining it. There was only a certain amount of talking that Mike could do because the man wasn’t forthcoming. Jeff Harvey came to the rescue and started a conversation with Mike about the Albury-Wodonga bypass. In it, Jeff told a story in which he quoted his mother addressing him as ‘Angela’. When Mike queried this, Jeff said , ‘She always wanted me to be a girl!’ and kept waffling on. Meanwhile the man kept examining Mike’s saliva completely oblivious to the silly conversation. I’d love to see it again. Jeff wasn’t just an excellent pianist but a great comedian.

  2. patricia dick  

    Mike Walsh show was a huge part of my early years of Motherhood. I lived isolated in the Blue Mountains, and every single day I religiously watched and enjoyed this show. Dame Edna judging a cake competition, Jeannie talking about her hilarious family, Dr. Wright, Shirley, Jeff. Oh the list goes on and on. I want to say thank you to Mike, and gang for saving my sanity, and helping me understand the issues of the days. But the laughter and the end of year plays were always worth waiting for. Bravo Mike you are my hero

    • Leone O'Sullivan  

      It was a huge part of my early years of motherhood too Patricia. My husband had been transferred away into north west Queensland. No accommodation for wife and child apart from hiring a caravan and he said we couldn’t have a 16 week old baby in that heat. So I stayed home for a year or so. I was worried that my baby wouldn’t hear normal conversation. The give and take of talk between two people. I used to put her into the baby bouncer – you know – the ones that always ended up wrapped around your ankle – and put her in front of Mike Walsh. She would coo and smile back at him and I would be a part of the world again listening to other adults talk. The thing that took the bloom off Mike Walsh for me was the day a lady with a huge port wine birthmark right across her face was on showing that at last she had some makeup to cover it up. I was amazed at the product – and also amazed and saddened at the terrible way Mike Walsh treated her. I lost interest in him after that. Fortunately, husband was transferred closer to home and more or less normal life resumed – along with another baby.

  3. Hanny  

    Micke Walsh was a delight to watch. He brought so many people and so much of the world into our homes. He was a true gentleman.

  4. Jen  

    Have you read Jeannie Little’s autobiography? Interesting……..

  5. Ro Linton  

    I can always remember the genuine surprise on Mike Walsh’s fave when he was told that tampons were not made in a sterile environment. I never missed the show. Loved it.

    • yvonne  

      Never missed a show wished it was still on

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