One simple thing can guard you from skin irritations and infections…

As we age our skin looses elasticity and that means we’re more susceptible to cuts and then, infections and skin

As we age our skin looses elasticity and that means we’re more susceptible to cuts and then, infections and skin problems. However a team of German scientists from the University of Regensburg has found that one simple diet change could improve that.

A diet high in salt causes sodium levels to build up in the skin. This can boost the immune system to fight off the germs that cause infections. The research involved testing on mice and the team found that the bodies of mice with a high sodium diet cleared up infections on the feet faster than those who had less sodium in the diet.

Many years ago salt was used to prevent and rid infections in the body so this research could be supporting the practices of hundred of years ago.

The findings were published in the journal Cell Metabolism and late last year it was proven that salt doesn’t have an adverse affect on the heart condition and disease in older people making this a diet change that we can implement without too much fear of side effects!

Tell us, are you happy for this news? Did you grow up loving salt? 

  1. Ironic that is the tip for me at the moment, I had a large skin cancer, size of a 50 cent piece on my upper foot, they gave me efudix cream (chemo cream), I was supposed to use it twice a day for a month, but after a week my foot became swollen and is very sore. I have to let it heal and do it I will try more salt..thanks

  2. Lisbeth  

    Ok they say it does not affect heart condition ….What about High Blood Pressure ?

    • Myra Sorensen  

      Lisbeth, please don’t quote me on this, but I think high blood pressure is more associated with the possibility of stroke and not heart attack. I think what the article means is to eat salt, but in moderation. Don’t go off it altogether, because the body needs it in some form.

      • Myra, there is so much salt in everything we eat- bread, cheese etc. With regard to high blood pressure leading to strokes and not heart attacks- I was always lead to believe that high blood pressure can increase the risk of deposition of plaque on the inside lining of arterial walls. Thereby narrowing them and possibly allowing a clot to block the flow of blood to that part of the body. This can occur in any part of the body, which means if it occurs in the carotid arteries servicing the heart, it could lead to a heart attack.

  3. Funny because the last 12 months I’ve started adding as much salt as I feel like back into my diet. While I’m not eating it by the spoonful I have gone back to using it in cooking and on my food. I no longer look for low sodium foods. I’ve stopped using low fat this and that and cholesterol lowering margarines, milks etc., I’ve just gone back to the “old days”. I’ve never felt better and for the first time ever my cholesterol which was always around 5 something is 2.2. All my blood work was amazing this time. My arthritis isn’t playing up as much either.

  4. Christine Shaw  

    now you eat it – now you don’t – and now you do!
    (mind how you cannot have salt in 39c is beyond me!)
    one minute eggs are BAD – next they are good – the softer the better – then again hard yolks benefit…..
    just now they will turn around with smoking is good for your health LOL
    it all changes day to day and we believe it all 🙁

  5. What’s wrong with salt baths or going for a dip in the ocean or salt water pool?

  6. This is good news for me. I like salt and I can never cook successfully nor enjoy my food without salt.

  7. Never did stop eating what I like, until I gave up cigarettes that is. Now I wat everything except biscuits, Cale, chocolates and lollies. Put on a few kilos but all under control.

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