Men are generally smarter than women: Study

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It's the battle of the sexes all over again.

A controversial study has shaken the medical world this week with arguments breaking out over whether or not the results are valid.

According to a team of researches at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, men’s average IQ is four points higher than women’s because they have bigger brains.

The study compared brain size and IQ levels between men and women and concluded that across both sexes, those with bigger brains are more intelligent.

Because men are generally larger in size than women, their heads and brains are usually bigger, too.

“We found that the average IQ of men was about four points above that of women,” said Professor Dimitri van der Linden, of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, reports The Australian.

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“So if men had an average score of 100, women would score 96.”

The study wades into a controversial area as women’s intelligence was often used against them in the past to prohibit voting or working in certain jobs.

The topic has become so politically charged that many researchers stay away from the area for fear of backlash.

However, Professor van der Linden said he thinks arguments such as this are best solved with high-quality data.

Science journalist Angela Saini was quick to slam the findings, saying “it is scientifically well established that there is no difference on average in general intelligence between women and men.

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“For more than 100 years, male anatomists and neuroscientists have sought to find evidence of women’s intellectual inferiority by comparing their brains to those of men.

“It’s surprising that in the 21st century those efforts haven’t ended.”

Do you think there’s truth to the study? Which do you think is the smarter sex?