Medicare changes to know if you want that refund

There was a lot of talk about the future of Medicare and possible changes ahead for the institution, but one thing became a reality from July 1… If you want a refund, no longer will you be receiving a Medicare patient cheque.

Patients are now required to register their bank details to ensure they don’t miss out on the benefit.

Regardless of whether you claim on the spot at the practice, online, over the phone or at a service counter, your Medicare benefit will be paid directly into your bank account so long as you have registered your bank details.

Also from July 1 are stops to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) patient refund cheques and EFTPOS refunds at service centres.

PBS refund payments, like those of Medicare, will be made directly into your nominated bank account.

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According to the Department of Human Services, the changes are designed to make receiving your refund payment quicker and more efficient and such a change is not subject to the passage of any legislation.

What it also means is that you won’t have to visit a service centre or wait to receive your refund benefit int the mail.

Do you think online Medicare refund payments will be more efficient? Have you registered your bank details for the service?