Doctors say common ingredient can make a big difference in the toilet

Health experts say they believe a common pantry item could be answer for anyone who struggles to have a bowel

Health experts say they believe a common pantry item could be answer for anyone who struggles to have a bowel movement every day.

It turns out a tablespoon of olive oil could be all that is needed to get things moving again and create a healthy bowel routine.

While the benefits of olive oil have been hailed for years, its help in this area was largely unknown.

Due the processed foods in our diets these days, many people say the find it difficult to go to the toilet regularly.

This can be especially dangerous as we age. There have been links between between constipation and colon cancer in the past with doctors saying blocked bowels can lead to all sorts of other heath issues, too.

So how can olive oil help? Doctors say a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach will get things moving again and help regulate your bowels.

They warn against taking anymore than this as it can lead to diarrhea, but say it is a good option for anyone needing a little push in this area.

If you’re not keen on downing straight olive oil, experts recommend increasing your water intake and upping the fibre in your diet through fruits and vegetables.

Would you try this technique? Do you prefer at-home natural treatments or going to the doctor?

  1. morna kenworthy  

    There’s more to this toilet business than making sure that fibre and liquid intake is adequate or in taking a lubricant like olive oil or a laxitive.
    Perhaps people are too sensitive to say so, but for women, especially those who are in their 60s and onwards, much of the difficulty with defaecation occurs because of the way our bodies are constructed or because of the effects of childbirth.

  2. Nell  

    I cut right down on gluten and that made a huge difference although I am not celiac. Try t. Just cut out all bread, for a start, for a few days.

  3. Geoff Rogers  

    A tablespoon of oatbran in a drink during the day will keep the system moving…

  4. Ian  

    I have a spoonful of olive oil each day . a few prunes for a snack. eat half a cup of rolled oats with my breakfast .
    that guarantees that I have a bowel movement every morning at 6:45 am on the button .
    Problem is I don’t get up till 7

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