Alan Jones has been forced off the air indefinitely

Popular broadcaster Alan Jones has been forced off the air indefinitely amid concerns for his health. Earlier this year Jones

Popular broadcaster Alan Jones has been forced off the air indefinitely amid concerns for his health.

Earlier this year Jones used his regular talkback program to discuss how close he was to developing diabetes, a condition that affects approximately 1.7 million Australians.

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Now the top-rating breakfast presenter and TV host told staff at the 2GB station where he works that he’ll be on indefinite leave from November 21 to be “sliced and diced” by doctors.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Jones is having major back surgery.

“I have had all sorts of problems for a lot of years and it’s just got hopeless at the moment,” Jones said.

“I have had in the past three interventions in my back and now the thing has got chronic, so I am in for some major surgery,” he says.

Jones, who uses a walking stick to assist him, said he’d hoped to delay the surgery until the end of the year however, the pain is too much for him to bear.

“Pain has never killed anyone by the way, but this has got out of control.”

It is unlikely Jones will return to the air in 2016, which might mean he’ll be out of action when the December 13 radio ratings are released, however he is expected to secure his 200th career victory across both 2GB and 2UE.

Have you ever struggled with back pain? Tell us about it. Do you have any well wishes for Alan Jones?

  1. marilyn flynn  

    horrid man, I wish he would sty off for ever.

    • Prem Toocaram  

      If you dont like him dont listen. Its quite easy!

  2. Robert Cripps  

    I dont know about back pain but he is a PAIN IN THE ARSE !

  3. Some years ago I produced a book to note everything your family needs to know when you die. I sent one to Alan Jones and one to John Laws. Alan gave me a 3 minute interview that sole 600 books (so I knew I was on a winner!!), John Laws sent a letter saying no thanks, but “keep the dream alive”! Thanks Alan Jones, you inspired to keep the book going and now selling the third improved print run!

    • Kevin farrell  

      Let me know where to get your book

    • Kevin farrell  

      Let me know where to get your book

  4. Barbiej  

    I don’t wish him any ills,, but I can’t stand him & wouldn’t listen to his ranting &’raving.

  5. Elaine Henderson  

    Woo hoo – less pollution coming over the airwaves. I don’t wish him ill, but he’s a disgusting human being and we’ll all be better off without his bile every day turning the heads of those who listen to him. Now, let’s get andrew bolt off as well.

  6. Jeanie Deans  

    I can sympathise with you as I am facing 6 surgeries of spinal plated fusion. The multiple surgies are at the recommendation of my neurosurgeon because my spine is in a very fragile state. I have live with the pain for 8 years now and drugs are no effective. I wish you all the best with your surgery and rehabilitation.

  7. Donald Anderson  

    I cannot believe all the vitriol directed to a fellow human being who is suffering. I have continual back pain and would not wish it on anyone,

  8. Neville Hatchard  

    hang yourself upside down

    hanging from your feet it will fix a lot of back problems i suffered very bad back problems in the past and it works

    • Have seen this type of body stretching- Hanging Upside Down – work for so many people. Its AMAZING!!

  9. Pat Stephens  

    All the best Alan, will miss my daily fix.

  10. A totally vile human being: homophobic whilst he himself is a well known but tightly closeted gay man. After all the bile and hatred he has spewed through the years it’s karma, baby.

    • Diane Jordan  

      What dreadfully comments you make

  11. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I don’t agree with any of the comments above by various people. Why be mean, spiteful to a man who brings us the truth on air about all sorts of things. I wish him luck in his many operations and hope he comes back soon.
    If you people think he is vile etc then you don’t have to listen to the program so why be so spiteful and very rude about him.

  12. Trevor de Ville  

    I wish Allan all the best hope op is a real success and a speedy recovery. I always find his comentry interesting and pretty much on the mark ,a voice for the underdog.wishing him a quick recovery

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