Downton Abbey etiquette

We all know and love Downton Abbey but how much of the show do we truly take in? We all remember our table manners from our childhood but the wonderful art of etiquette seems lost nowadays.

Bang PR teamed up with the Sydney School of Protocol to give us some top tips, modernising how etiquette and manners are still very much relevant to society today, with reference from the series.

Julie Lamberg-Burnet shows how to enter a room, introduce yourself, network, position cutlery properly and place your napkin down.

It’s interesting to see how such simple gestures have been lost so take a look at the video to brush up on your skills, or perhaps show your grandchildren!

The video coincides with the release of Downton Abbey season5, which is out now.

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Tell us, do you think that children should have mandatory etiquette lessons? How were you taught?