See the Eagles’ “Take It Easy” tribute to the late Glenn Frey at the Grammys

The world was shocked to hear of the death of Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of rock group

The world was shocked to hear of the death of Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of rock group The Eagles, last month. In a bittersweet performance at today’s Grammy awards, the remaining members of band have paid tribute to Glenn with a rendition of their first hit single, “Take It Easy”.

Glenn Frey died January 18 in New York of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.

Eagles co-founders Don Henley and Bernie Leadon and guitarist Joe Walsh, bassist Tim Schmit and Jackson Browne took the Grammys stage for a performance of “Take It Easy”.

“Take it Easy” was the Eagles’ first single, released in May 1972. The song written almost entirely by Browne with some lyrics added by Frey when the pair lived together in LA in the 70s, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“I wrote this song with Glenn Frey,” Browne said last month. “It’s a song that I started, but I didn’t finish it. Even if I had finished it by myself, it wouldn’t be the song that it is, and it wouldn’t be the song that we all love”.

Have a watch of the beautiful tribute below and tell us, do you love the Eagles?

  1. all the old rockers are dying , to much booze and drugs cut their lives short..great tribute

    • Some people are too ignorant. :/
      Glenn Frey “succumbed to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.”
      David Bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer.
      B.B. King died of Alzheimer’s disease and other old-age ailments, according to an autopsy.

  2. good sound..rock along shame it is a tribute for Glenn Frey but he would have felt proud

    • before anyone makes any nasty comments to me, all I mean is that is a shame and very sad that he died

    • thanks Debbie hugs, I think they put something in the water last night, nasty juice haha

    • Libbi Elliot I don’t understand why people have to be nasty to make their point. Beyond my comprehension.

    • I don’t like the name calling Debbie and trying to belittle people, I cn’t see what it achieves , except makes the person writing it look very small in my eyes

    • Libbi Elliot Sitting here shaking my head. It doesn’t upset me if someone disagrees with me. I am more inclined to be curious about their point of view. What upsets me is the name calling and people making assumptions about you when they don’t even know you. That is when I take a deep breath and walk away from the computer and come back when I am calm. I usually ignore it but once to my shame I gave in to my anger and responded in kind. I will never, never forgive myself for that because I lowered myself to their level. I apologised and gave myself a good uppercut. I will never allow insults to affect me like that again. Having been insulted by my own mother all my life I should know better than to respond. It achieves nothing. I bet you are sorry you bought this subject up. lol

    • no I am not sorry we all have an opinion and things that have affected us outside of the internet.. that pushes buttons.. I agree with you

    • If you are talking about my comment?
      I am sorry I called the person ignorant for stating incorrect information about old rockers dying of booze and drugs. I assumed they were speaking from ignorance, the same as they were assuming old rockers are all boozers and drug addicts. Feel free to block me. I was just taken aback to the previous post which seems to have been deleted. Peace.

  3. I have The Eagles Farewell 1 tour – live from Melbourne and Hell Freezes Over DVD’s. Always been a big fan. Great tribute to Glenn!! 👵🏼

  4. Saw the Eagles twice here in Brisbane …. My all time fav band …. I was So very sad when I heard that Glen Frey had passed
    RIP Glen … Another great gone to that Rock & Roll heaven

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