Questions raised over Catherine’s health after she appears thinner than ever

The Duchess of Cambridge has raised a few eyebrows and caused some concern for her health after appearing in Essex

The Duchess of Cambridge has raised a few eyebrows and caused some concern for her health after appearing in Essex with Prince William.

The Royal couple were visiting Stewards Academy and appeared relaxed and happy as they enjoyed the day, however, it was Catherine’s thin frame that lead some to question whether whether or not she was ok.

While the Duchess has alsways been slim, many are wondering if the stress of the role is getting to her.

She wore a light blue polka-dot dress, which seemed to cling to her revealing her tiny waste and limbs.

While the life of a royal certainly has its advantages, it also comes with a lot of responsibility, pressure and attention.

So is it finally taking its toll?

Catherine has always received great praise for the way she has handled being thrust into the spotlight and is credited with turning around the Royal Family’s reputation across the UK.

But many are saying the pressure of having to be a wife, mother and one of the most photographed women in the world is becoming too much.

There are calls for her to be allowed to step back from her public role and focus on being a mother and enjoying time with her children in private, away from the spotlight.

Do you think it would be stressful to be in her position? Should she be allowed to take time away from the spotlight?

  1. Felicity Wilson  

    Waste….. I always thought it was spelt waist !! No spell check done in this article…..

    • Jenny Towner  

      Yes, you are correct it is spelt waist.

    • Terry  

      This is not uncommon….detracts from the article for me….just saying

    • Coral McGuiness  

      The waste they use is rubbish

  2. Carol  

    Waist for sure – terrible for an international article. Maybe the writer was thinking wasting away?
    She is and always has been tiny – leave her alone and stop giving her more stress?

  3. Jen  

    Spell checker needed surely
    Waist not waste:(
    Reliability of article- maybe not

  4. Heather  

    Waste or Waist, does it really matter. I bet some one has said that she has got fat , so she going the other way . Her waist is Wasting away…Bit like someone else we knew.
    Yes I think she should have time off to be A Mum, Wife, and feel normal for a while…

    I checked for spelling mistakes in my words, please don’t set the ‘Spelling Cops” on me !!!

  5. Jean  

    Spell checker will only pick up errors that result in non-existent words. It won’t tell you that you have typed ‘waste’ instead of ‘waist’, or ‘pubic’ instead of ‘public’. It’s just a tool and has its limitations.

  6. Penni Duncan Soady  

    Not only Catherine, have you checked out William. He too is looking very very slim. His chest seems to have shrunk and cloths seem to hang off him. I wonder if they have gone overboard with their eating habits.

  7. Susan Meyers  

    Catherine was very healthy during her University days and prior to the constant media attention/coverage but since her engagement she has lost so much weight and looks far too thin.

  8. Beee  

    Please leave the poor girl alone and stop second guessing. Your time would be much more profitably spent learning to spell or employing an editor.

  9. Barry  

    She’s losing weight and he’s losing his hair. My eyebrows are raised.

    • Jan Foley  

      You’re lucky you have eyebrows to raise! Lol. Everyone should just leave them alone.

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