Lisa Wilkinson’s hearbreaking news about her new puppy

Today show host Lisa Wilkinson shared some sad news this morning, revealing that her four-month old boxer puppy has been

Today show host Lisa Wilkinson shared some sad news this morning, revealing that her four-month old boxer puppy has been left paralysed after eating a slug in her backyard.

Little Maggie has lost all mobility in her back legs and now has to get around with the help of a special wheelchair.

Television personality and veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren also appeared in the segment, saying dog owners should not let their dogs out in yards where there are slugs or snails.

Lisa said Maggie was just 10 weeks old when she collapsed in the backyard and was found by her husband Peter.

“Two weeks after we got Maggie… on a Saturday morning, my husband came into the bedroom,” she said.

“I was having my traditional Saturday morning sleep-in and Pete said something is horribly wrong with Maggie… and he put her on the floor and she just completely collapsed.

“She had lost muscle tone and feeling basically from her front legs back.

“We got her to the vet and what she discovered was [Maggie] had eaten a slug in our garden and she had developed something called rat lung worm disease.”

Wilkinson said Maggie was only given a 20 per cent chance of living and her back end had been paralysed.

Rat lung worm is a parasite usually found in rats, but can be ingested by snails or slugs through faeces.

Any animals that eat the snails or slugs carrying the parasite can be left in severe pain and paralysed.

“Puppies in particular like chewing things they explore the gardens they often pick up a slug or snail,” Dr Warren said.

“Once they are ingested that larvae goes through the digestive system to the base of the spinal cord and then they migrate.

“Usually the animal presents with excruciating pain.”

She said it is usually a problem on coastal New South Wales and Queensland.

“I don’t encourage anyone allowing their puppies outdoors if you know you have slugs and snails,” she said.

“[Try] to use natural remedies… with slugs and snails. It is not so beautiful but [use] a saw dust path around or sand.”

Lisa is hoping that everyone will use this as a warn others about the danger and keep their pets safe.

Have you ever had a similar problem with your pets? Do you have any pets now?

  1. Hi Lisa I only today had to surrender my beautiful Foxy coon Cat the most loving animal he was in love with me, for the passed few weeks he has lost so much weight and would cough dry coughs. only that you have just mentioned Rat lung ect you have just woke us up he had eaten the head off a rat around a month ago and he hadn’t been the same since. I tried everything I could, but im a pensioner and couldn’t afford vet bills. Lost night I heard a large thud As Foxy sleeps on my spare bed I knew it come from there. He was in a bad way having fits. So I prayed rapped him in my dressing gown and give him pain relief I layed right beside him all night long rubbing him in his blanket to keep him from fitting again and the soothing after a while got him to rest and sleep . this morning I feed him he was walking all over the place not good. we layed for more time and around 11.30am I picked him up placed him in his carrier and took him to the RSPCA vet they said they would do what was the best for my darling Foxy. and I had to walk away and leave him. not knowing how he feels or if there was any hope for him .it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do . Specially to him because he was so very loving to me and loyal. I will miss him deeply. I know that he wasnt well and your report has put me into thought of poisoning rat thinking also . You know he walked in to my life he chose me from no were and stayed for 2 years I am blessed Im sure he is an angel My hope is that they could save him. My regret is he will now be adopted out if thats the case. Money is the root of all evil this time it broke my heart. I am sorry to hear about your Baby puppy as well. They give us unconditional love how blessed are we .

    • Colleen spears  

      So very sorry for the loss of your cat, i know the heartbreak myself. And lisa so sorry about your baby. Thanks for the warning. I will share this in hope of saving others. Thank you and best of luck. Ps. I believe there is a system called ‘vetpay’ they help you by way of loan for vetinary treatment. Worth looking into for people who struggle to pay vet bills. Another thing the government does not think of when considering cutting pensions. For some an animal is thier only company and loyal friend. Sad for owners and animals alike. My Best to you all.

    • Mia Van Der Stam  

      I feel so sad for you- it must be heartbreaking. Animals give such unconditional love- its a shame that vet surgeries are so expensive. I know vets earn their fees, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a medicare for animals. RSPCA is always talking about treating animals right, but not everyone can afford such complex treatments, and I am sure many people have been in your situation. Bless you.

  2. Veronica Tobias  

    Oh Lisa and pets I am so sorry to hear this your girl is just beautiful . If you can add collide silver to her water also coconut oil to her food .this should help flush toxic out .😘

  3. Jennie  

    Must be lovely to be able to afford to do this for your dog!

    My beautiful Corgi had a back problem, & but we couldn’t afford to get her a ‘wheelie-walker’, so she had to be euthanased.

  4. Check out ‘vetpay’ for assistance with vet bills. So sorry for you all. Best of luck and will share. Thanks for sharing lisa.

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