Finally! Models that look like real, older women! How great is this….

Their collective age is over 700, but that didn’t stop these grey beauties from strutting their stuff at London Fashion

Their collective age is over 700, but that didn’t stop these grey beauties from strutting their stuff at London Fashion Week.

Mature models have walked the catwalk for the first ever Fifty Plus fashion week.

Marie Helvin, a fashion icon – 63 years young – opened the show in London overnight. In the bevy of beautiful models was Daphne Selfe, the UK’s oldest working model at the age of 87.

It was the eve of London Fashion Week, and a breath of fresh air to see women with a combined age of 700 make history by walking in the first show to use a full cast of models over the age of 50.

The Daily Mail reports the models were styled by 70-year-old fashion expert, Caroline Barker.

A 50+ Fashion and Body Image report showed 60 per cent of women feel that their generation is forgotten in fashion and more than 7o per cent feel underrepresented in advertising.

Starts at 60 spoke to Daphne Selfe last year, and she said the industry is becoming more open to women of different ages and shapes.

“It’s so much better than it used to be, it’s opened up to everyone including older women. That said: there are still too many very young models and too much clothing for young people,” she said.

Take a look at the awesome pics of these beautiful women and tell us, do you feel they represent you?

  1. They look lovely and give us a real go. At getting some decent clothing for us.

  2. Yes, they are beautiful but after all, they are models. No, I don’t think they represent real, older women. But in saying that, I appreciate women who are stunners, and they are.

  3. Fantastic to see them strutting the cat walk, they look awesome and show what the outfit would look like on the older generation, superb!

  4. They look good but they do not represent the average older woman any more than the younger models represent the younger population. I have never seen a model, even a plus size who represents the average population. Who represents the short? The plump? those with disabilities which gives them different shapes, or even just the plain fat – sorry obese people? Just as well I don’t get upset looking at fashions I can’t wear isn’t it.

    • I agree Joan. Why do these fashion companies insist on showing off their clothes on people who represent 1% of the female population, that is tall and slim? I don’t understand how this even started. I also noticed that most of the women portrayed in this post have long hair still at their age. Most women of a mature age look more elegant with a shorter style. They don’t seem to be able to want to age gracefully.

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