Celine Dion’s first speech about her husband since his death is just heartbreaking

Having cancelled her performances at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum after the death of her husband René Angélil, Celine Dion has returned to

Having cancelled her performances at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum after the death of her husband René Angélil, Celine Dion has returned to the Las Vegas venue for a two-hour tribute to the love of her life, which she live-streamed to her legion of fans.

A long line of friends, colleagues and associated stood up to speak to the 4000-strong crowd about the man Celine calls “mon amour”, before Celine took to the microphone herself.

Tentative and speaking from the heart, Celine described how she could “feel his love” in the room, and how René had always protected her, from the during the early stages of her career.

“I feel his love in this room. I feel his strength and his warmth being reflected in all of you,” she said. “René always surrounded me with the best people who believed in us and always worked so hard on our behalf.

“The love of my life … would be so happy to know we are all here together telling stories, sharing memories, playing some of his favourite music. And especially in this beautiful theatre which many years ago was one of his dreams come true.”

At the end of her speech, Celine’s voice is barely a whisper: “René, I love you so much. Merci. Good night.”

Following her speech, Celine collapsed into a chair, wiping her eyes and clearly wrung out by her emotional tribute.

She was joined by her oldest son, Rene Charles who gave his father’s eulogy and captured hearts around the world with his moving speech.

We wonder if having to grieve so publicly would be harder – or whether it makes it somewhat easier to have all that support and love? Your thoughts?


  1. My favourite singer! I totally adore Celine Dion. Just a pity her dress is totally nso ot suitable for this occasion. Her whole bossom is almost visible (just looking at the photo and not reading the article, I thought she was naked with only a towel wrapped around her). But everyone to their own.

    • There always has to be some one to pick….give her a bloody break. This is not about what the poor grief stricken woman is wearing ….ffs !!

    • I think she looks lovely and don’t forget she is younger than us and can get away with it

    • She is dressed in a young and modern way and she the figure to pull it off. She is a very attractive young woman

    • Shirley-Marié Lewis we certainly are and we certainly do. But in this case, your opinion is totally out of line

    • The poor woman just gave a heartbreaking speech about the man she loves & lost & all you can comment on is what she is wearing??..talk about insensitive😕

    • Lyn Bradford not insensitive, it does look like she is naked, FACT. Its a pity someone close to her didn’t point it out in her time of need as I am sure she would have choose something better if she knew. Or better still a better photo taken from a different angle should have been used for the article. Maybe they used that one on purpose, to get a reaction?

    • Great singer –Dress totally Inappropriate for the occasion surely someone close to her should have pointed this out so nasty people like me could not make these out of line remarks.

    • She looks just fine , demure , sophisticated and the poor woman is in mourning ! Please , if you have nothing nice to say , leave the page and go do some housework to burn off the excess energy instead of putting someone down that you do not even know . Maybe some of the ladies on here are just a tad bit jealous of Celines looks , figure and her sense of style . Maybe take a leaf out of her book , and get some style . Im sure she wouldnt mind if you dressed more like her . 🙂 RESPECT , very important quality that some ppl cannot spell let alone do it , Very sad sad ppl .

    • Eileen Maylin , then dont type crap , and just be kind , nice and respectful . Not hard .

    • Instead of complaining, if you’d all read the article properly, you would know this was at a theatre. What do you want her to wear? A dressing gown and slippers? Like it or not she is a public figure and takes pride in her appearance. If she’d worn a skirt and jacket you probably would have called her dowdy!

  2. I found that difficult to watch, grief is a hard thing to deal with, and anyone who has lost a loved one can see the grief in Celine, hopefully time will heal her loss or at least dull it


    • you are just jealous that you are to old to dress like that and typing in caps is very difficult to read. She is an attractive young woman, what do you want her to do? dress in a sack

    • Do you realise Cherri that when you write in capital letters you are actually shouting?

    • I don’t know what to say to you, other than I suspect that if she was dressed in a circus tent , that you would find fault..listen to what she is saying, don’t worry about the small things in life that you have no control over

    • where do these nasty old women come from? the woman has lost her husband , she is grief stricken and all you are worried about is shouting to us about her dress. If I died, I would not care what my wife dressed in..all I would care about was that she was missing me and I would not want her to suffer to much pain

    • Black clothing is worn in many countries for weeks & sometimes months as a matter of respect!!!!

    • She not only lost her husband, she lost her brother the next day. If she wanted to wear a gunny sack because it made her feel better then that’s fine by me.

  4. He was the love of her life since she was 16 (I think?)…she must be heartbroken…only time will soothe the pain 🌸

  5. If she had some clothes on would probably think she was sincere, really not a good look for this occasion

    • She lost her husband and her brother, I think it is amazing she felt she could stand up and talk about it, listen to what she is saying, her dress does not matter, her words do

    • If you had bothered to look at the second video with her son at the funeral, you would see she is in black and wearing a veil, this is not a fashion show, this is about a young women who lost bother her husband and her brother within a matter of days, try to find some empathy

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