William Tyrrell’s foster mum recalls frantic search for son in new footage

Footage shows William Tyrrell's foster mum recalling her search. Source: Twitter/Sunrise (left) and Facebook (right).

A new video has been released by the coroner’s court investigating three-year-old William Tyrrell’s disappearance, showing his foster mother recalling her frantic search for her son to police in the days after he first disappeared.

The chilling footage, which was released on Wednesday to the public, shows the mother describing how she desperately drove around looking for her son after he disappeared on September 12, 2014. Her face has been blurred in the video as she cannot be identified.

The video, which has been shared by several news outlets online following its release, was shown to the inquest this week. It was filmed just six days after William went missing and shows his mother recalling her extensive search of the area around her home, including stops at every property on the street.

At one point, she describes to police how she pulled over at a busy road in Kendall, on the New South Wales north coast.

“I’ve pulled over because I’ve just got my head out the window looking for William,” she is heard saying in the footage. “I drive really slow… I get to the riding school and I just think ‘he’s not here’. And then I bring the car back up and I run out and look for him again.”

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