Frisky at 80! Saucy seniors busted for getting hot and heavy in a forest

The group were arrested for getting frisky in a public park in the United States earlier this month. Source: Getty

Racy sex outside may be all the rage with younger generations but a group of 80-somethings have proved that getting hot and heavy in public is still fun and certainly isn’t limited to age. According to multiple reports, six seniors, including two who were in their eighties, were arrested for getting frisky in a public park in the United States earlier this month.

Police arrested the six people – five men and a woman – ranging in age from 62 to 85 – after getting reports of “lewd and sexual activity” in the nature preserve Grace Richardson Open Space in Fairfield, a town in Connecticut, Metro reports. According to police, the open space was being publicised on the internet as an area for people to meet up and have raunchy outside sex.

Two members of the lively group were both charged with breach of peace and public indecency, while the other four were all just charged with breach of peace. They were released on promises to appear in court.

Many social media users have since praised the seniors for spicing up their sex lives, with one writing: “I think they deserve an award for that.” Another added: “All the power to them at those ages.”

Others called for the police to leave them alone, with one commentator adding: “Oh, for crying out loud! Leave them alone!!!” Another wrote: “Leave them be lol, they aren’t hurting anyone.” Meanwhile, one commentator wrote: “They’re doing better than me! God bless! So, tell me this, if there was no surveillance, who would know? For the love of God, leave them alone.”

However, some social media users didn’t see the fun side in it and said found it “gross”. “Well that’s nasty I didn’t want this vision in my head!! Ugh,” one commentator wrote. Another added: “Don’t care what age it’s still gross doing it in public. No kid needs to see that.”

Despite the fact millions of couples enjoy happy (and intimate) relationships right into their eighties and older, there’s a distinct lack of communication about sex lives even existing past middle-age. In fact, there’s a bizarre stereotype of older people being ‘asexual’.

However, previous research from Swinburne University of Technology challenged the myth by focusing on over-45s’ sex lives and their thoughts on both sexuality and intimacy. The ‘Over 45’s Adult Sexuality and Intimacy Study’ (The OASIS) found that mid and later-life Australians are enjoying sexuality still, but rather than craving frequent physically sexual encounters, they’re more interested in quality connections and intimacy – proving there’s no need to have regular intercourse to be ‘sexually active’.

It directly contradicts the ‘asexual older person’ stereotype and highlights the importance of intimacy at every age. Researchers now hope the results will help health professionals target older peoples’ needs more efficiently – with many perhaps requiring relationship counselling rather than drugs such as Viagra.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed getting hot and heavy under the sheets could bring more than just feelings of pleasure for those suffering from Parkinson’s with new research revealing the benefits sex can have on disease symptoms. A study undertaken by Salerno University in Italy and Imperial College London  found having an active sex life can significantly reduce the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms and lead to a better quality of life.

It found those who actively engaged in sex had less motor problems and lower depression scores. While it did not by any means cure the disease or reduce symptoms overall, sex was linked to milder disease progression in men.

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What are your thoughts on this? Would you feel comfortable getting frisky outside?

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