Family wars: Man inherits $92M estate following lengthy DNA test battle

The 31-year-old inherited Penrose Estate (pictured) after finally proving he was the late owner's illegitimate son. Source: Flickr/Tim Green.

A cash-strapped man has suddenly found himself millions of dollars richer after winning a lengthy DNA test battle to prove a local millionaire was his biological father.

According to the publication, Jordan had spent years trying to convince Charles to undergo a DNA test, even delivering a DIY testing kit to his door, but the aristocrat always refused.

It wasn’t until recently that the truth was finally revealed after a DNA test was undertaken following Charles’ death from a drug overdose at the age of 62. Jordan was then named the rightful heir to the 1,536 acre Penrose Estate, which has been home to Charles’ family for years.

Speaking about his incredible new wealth, the 31-year-old told The Sun it had been a long journey to success having reached out to Charles on multiple occasions since he was a child.

“When I was 18 I knocked on his door and asked if I could have the test,” he explained .”He told me to do it through the solicitors. I was 18 so had other priorities at the time.”

Jordan added: “I wrote more letters in my twenties by never got a reply.”

Then last year Jordan sent another letter with a DNA kit and received a reply from a lawyer who explained Charles had passed away. From there Jordan still had to jump through hoops with Charles’ other family members before he was eventually granted his rightful inheritance.

Despite landing the estate, which has resolved his money woes, the care worker added that he would have liked to spend more time with his father before his death last August. Jordan also admitted to The Telegraph that he plans to set up a charity and help the community with more time on his hands after quitting his job.

“I’ve been at the point of worrying about the next bill and have had a tough start in life but now I’m here I want to help people. I’m not going to forget where I’ve come from.”

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an inheritance battle?

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