‘Welcome to Aldi!’ Dad hilariously mocks supermarket’s speedy cashiers

The dad hilariously mocked Aldi cashiers in the video. Source: Facebook/Taylor Cunningham.

Are you a shopper who will spend ages meticulously packing your shopping bags yourself at the checkout to ensure everything is in its rightful place? Or are you more of a ‘chuck it in and hope for the best’ customer? Either way, it’s unlikely you’ll beat the speed that Aldi’s cashiers manage to build up when scanning your goods.

And one dad has become an internet sensation after filming a video of himself impersonating a member of staff in the popular budget supermarket – after being left in shock at the speed of the service on his first visit there.

The video shows Illinois, US, dad Travis Cunningham sitting behind a makeshift checkout at his home, essentially made out of some stacked up boxes and a bookshelf. In place of the trolley at the end he has positioned one of his children’s pretend ones to ‘catch’ the goods.

As the footage starts, he says: “Welcome to Aldi!’ before he begins sliding food items and canned goods past and carelessly throwing them in the general direction of the trolley, while his wife Taylor can be heard chuckling in the background. Of course only a few actually make it into the trolley, as the rest land around them on the floor.

The video has since been shared widely online, as people from right across the world comment and share their own similar experiences at the store. One person commented: “Throwing your gyozas at you!” while another added: “So very true.” One more wrote: “This is EXACTLY how they ring my stuff up lmao!”

Speaking to Today Parents about his first visit to Aldi, Travis said: “My first impression of Aldi is memorable, to say the least…” He went on to say he had high hopes as the prices were so reasonable, before adding: “Then we got to the checkout and I noticed Taylor had been stockpiling boxes the whole time — that’s where the fun began.”

As many will be well aware, it’s custom in the store to bring your own bags or have to pay for a reusable one at the checkout. Alternatively, many people choose to grab an empty box on their way round if they see one.

However, it’s the incredible speed that the staff members manage to process your shopping that it’s really famous for. While some customers opt to throw their food into the trolley and move over to the side of the store after paying to pack their own bags, some rush to keep up and risk some squashed bread and cracked eggs by throwing everything in the bags as it all comes at them. Which category do you fall into?

“I was taken aback by how quickly they scanned and the means in which they placed the items in the cart,” Travis told the news outlet. “I thought the worker was just having a bad day and Taylor could tell I was about to say something and basically held her hand over my mouth.

“I wasn’t angry, I was basically laughing wondering if this person just hated canned goods or was going for a high score shooting them into the cart.” He admitted he and his wife were “crying laughing” by the time they got back to their car.

It prompted them to film the hilarious video shortly after and it’s taken the world by storm. The pair insisted however that while it was all a bit of fun, they fully intend to keep shopping at Aldi and meant the store no offence.

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Do you shop at Aldi? Can you relate?

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