Topic 2: Gorgeous grey: Hair pro says ‘ignore the rules’ when ditching the dye

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Taking the plunge and embracing natural, grey hair can be daunting for many women – especially if it means a drastic chop or dramatic colour change for the first time.

But Kenneth Stoddart, who oversees everything locks-related as Priceline Pharmacy hair director, says mature women should throw out the old rules when it comes to styling grey hair.

Kenneth shared his tops for a fabulous silver look for comedienne Jean Kittson, who attended the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Week as Starts at 60’s ambassador. Jean was quick to quiz Kenneth on his thoughts about going grey, telling him that her own hairstylist had advised her against it.

But Kenneth has no time for the idea that natural grey hair isn’t ‘acceptable’. He reckons the number of youngsters purposely dying their hair grey had made the look very fashionable.

And he advises women to throw out all their preconceptions about the decision to ditch he dye.  First, he says, forget the adage that going short is a must once you’ve embraced grey hair.

“That thing about cutting your hair off when you’re 40, that’s nonsense,” he says. “It can still be long … and look incredible.”

It’s condition that’s key to avoiding an unnecessarily ageing effect, Kenneth advises, noting that over-processed or unstyled hair adds far more years to a woman’s appearance than grey hair.

“Grey’s beautiful if it’s in good condition and a good cut” he says. “As long as you’ve got a good cut, you’re maintaining it, and it has a nice style, it looks great. It doesn’t matter what age you are.”

Kenneth says at-home or salon treatments are particularly important in Australia because our hair is subjected to a harsher climate and more frequent doses of salt water than it would be in other countries.

He recommends protein-based treatments to restore damaged hair but advises getting expert guidance from your hairstylist first on what will best suit your locks. Moisturising treatments are a good follow-up to protein treatments for regular maintenance, he adds.

Many women brighten up their look with new outfits or more vibrant make-up when they first embrace grey hair because they fear looking ‘washed out’, but Kenneth tells Jean that there’s no need to stick to any rules when it comes to fashion and cosmetics.

“Whatever you find that looks good, get it, and work around that,” he says.

Do you dye your hair to maintain its previous colour? Would you like to make the change to natural grey? Or have you successfully gone grey?

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